SML Group Unveils New 3D/AR Platform Digitiz3D™ to Digitize Labels & Trim Design Processes

Virtual technology modernizes legacy labeling and trims development methods, significantly improving retail design operations

Secaucus, N.J. – October 15, 2020SML Group, a global retail branding and RFID solutions provider, today unveiled its internal 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) visualization platform, Digitiz3DTM. The new virtual product development tool will empower retail business owners (RBOs) and garment vendors around the world to better streamline their labelling and trims processes in order to increase overall speed and flexibility needed in today’s challenging market.

Without 3D and AR modelling, design operation processes are often tedious, consisting of time-consuming alteration rounds, endless physical samples, and wasted fabric that have both cost and environmental repercussions. Digitiz3DTM addresses these challenges directly through technology that eliminates the need to touch or wait for physical samples – and instead provides customized garment catalogues with high-quality previews that demonstrate how various branding items would look on each garment or product. This includes:

  • Trims and packaging visualizations
  • Hardware colors and finishes explorations
  • AR library of assets for designers (i.e. labels, tags, buckles, buttons, packaging, etc.)

“Given today’s complex landscape of remote workforces, the challenges within the supply chain and logistics, and increasing demand for more virtual, touchless experiences, 3D and AR technology adoptions have and will only continue to grow as a critical tool in retail’s arsenal,” said Gary Moskovciak, Senior Vice President of the Americas Region at SML Group. “The industry is evolving. Just look at major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, who pledged that by the end of 2020 100% of their collections would be designed entirely in 3D and who hit 65% as of May. It’s just one example of this market shift utilizing digitalization in support of more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable retail operations with many others following suit. We’re excited to bring this opportunity to life for our customers as part of our continued innovation that serves them.”

SML Group’s 3D models are created through a combination of various software platforms and Digitiz3DTM, which seamlessly integrate with rendering software.

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