Mitel Expands Availability of Virtual Care and Collaboration Service to Enable Better Patient-Centric Care

Feature-rich telehealth communication platform enhances the journey for patients, providers, and their staff while addressing key security, patient confidentiality, and scheduling challenges

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, today announced the global availability of optimized healthcare experiences through its Virtual Care and Collaboration Service (VCCS). Starting with seven new European markets (UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Switzerland), the solution will be rolled out globally during the third quarter of this year.

Healthcare providers worldwide are facing significant financial and resourcing pressures, while patient expectations are rapidly rising. VCCS, which provides easy and secure digital video consultation, is purpose-built to support healthcare providers and insurers with an improved delivery of patient-centric care by offering an end-to-end, secure, and compliant interactive digital solution with a unique easy to use workflow that closely follows the familiar in-person healthcare experience.

“Increasing demand for seamless and efficient patient care is compelling healthcare organizations to adopt advanced communications and collaboration solutions that can be strategically integrated into healthcare workflows. As a key player in this expanding market, Mitel’s VCCS solution is setting a new standard for deeply integrated solutions across the entire value chain. Unlike traditional business process app integrations, Mitel’s VCCS offers a comprehensive approach that enhances every touchpoint in the patient journey, from initial contact to follow-up care. This level of integration not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly elevates patient experience and outcomes. Mitel’s innovative approach is a game-changer, demonstrating the critical role of advanced communications solutions in modern healthcare,” said Elka Popova, VP and Senior Fellow, Frost & Sullivan.

The VCCS platform is already proven to enhance the experience of healthcare provider staff, patients and family members including features like:

  • Delivery of easy-to-use e-consultations: healthcare professionals and patients can enjoy a secure, multimodal experience including voice and video calls, messaging, screen sharing and file exchange without having to download any software.
  • Unlocks new value by enabling adjacent service offerings: VCCS enables integration with a range of workflows, such as patient monitoring, community care, and augmented reality, saving time and improving efficiency for healthcare professionals who are able to access more information in a single interface. Additionally, bedside terminal integration extends VCCS services to the patient’s bedside during in-patient stays, creating an enhanced hospital experience.
  • Integrates with secure patient record systems: robust and secure protocols ensure patient confidentiality is maintained while the data remains accessible to authorized healthcare professionals.
  • Extensive implementation opportunities: VCCS can be deployed regardless of whether the healthcare provider requires an on-premise, private, public cloud, or a hybrid model – delivering unparalleled choice for customers.

“The VCCS platform is built to balance better patient experiences with improved operational efficiency for healthcare providers, and clearly illustrates what practical innovation means for Mitel. It is designed to enhance the patient journey at every juncture by providing seamless integration with existing workflows, enabling high-quality multimodal patient interactions, and, importantly, it can be used with any technology. Mitel recognises the healthcare industry’s need for agility, flexibility and resilience at scale and the VCCS platform is purpose-built to securely empower these factors without compromising patient care,” said Martin Bitzinger, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Mitel.

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