Meptik Releases Turnkey ‘Studio in a Box’ for Accelerated Virtual Production Studio Installation

With Meptik Studio Pro, Universities, Filmmakers, Broadcasters, and Brands Gain a Comprehensive, Pre-configured LED Studio Solution, Drastically Reducing Specification Time in Sourcing the Right Technology.

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Disguise company Meptik announces the immediate availability of its first turnkey virtual production studio solution, Meptik Studio Pro. By packing a pre-configured Disguise studio control stack, ROE LEDs, camera tracking, comprehensive creative and technical support, and training into one, seamless solution, Meptik Studio Pro streamlines virtual production studio installation, enabling creative teams to take their production to the next level.

After years of experience helping clients like WWE, The Savannah College of Art and Design, and Miami University bring virtual production studios to life, Meptik has designed Meptik Studio Pro to simplify the process of setting up your own content production powerhouse.

“Virtual production can save significant time: It allows for immediate visual feedback on set, reduces travel to new locations and cuts down on post-production. But you’ll need to design and build a virtual production stage first — a process that can take months,” says Meptik co-founder Nick Rivero. “With Meptik Studio Pro, we cut that time down. Everything you need to create stunning virtual productions is now in a simple pre-configured, end-to-end solution, taking the guesswork out of what hardware and software to choose or how it can all work together.”

Studio Pro comes in four options:

  1. Small: for presentations, keynotes or other single-talent setups
  2. Medium: for commercial shoots, advertisements, online courses and teaching
  3. Large: for high-budget film and episodic projects with multiple actors and elaborate sets
  4. XR: for augmented reality projects that extend the virtual world into the physical space

At the core of Studio Pro is a pre-configured rack consisting of Disguise Emmy-award winning technology, which includes VX and RX servers, and Disguise Designer software to control the visuals. Designer enables both Previz and on-set control of cinematic content which can be 2D, 2.5D or real-time 3D such as Unreal Engine or Volinga for NeRFs. Studio Pro will also be available in a range of ROE LED sizes, specific to the customer’s application.

Every Meptik Studio Pro customer will also benefit from Always On support, a 24/7 support option to make sure the studio is optimized for production, as well as extensive training so the team is trained on the Disguise workflow as well as operation of the brand-new virtual production stage.

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About Meptik

Meptik is a virtual and immersive production and installation company with a team of prolific virtual artists, a skilled virtual production stage installation crew, volume operations, and immersive entertainment specialists who create audience-engaging experiences that bridge realities.

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