During Quarantine, Icologram® Is Proud To Present Its Enhanced Reality Application


Enjoy At Home The Entire Range Of Emotions Of A “Live” Performance With A Piano Recital Performed By The Legendary, Philippe Entremont

icologram® launches its first ArtTech augmented reality application, an extraordinary Swiss initiative, designed to transmit and guarantee a holographic heritage faithful to the artist.

Imagine if you could invite the best musicians in the world to perform in your living room, and see them play as if they were right there in front of you… This is now possible thanks to the application launched by icologram® which offers a unique experience during lockdown.

Holographic concerts of departed musicians are on the rise, but – since the end of 2019 – the icologram® project aims to immortalize, while they are still active, so that these renowned artists can project their image intimately for future generations. Thus, artists can make their own “holographic icon”, their own icologram®.

The first to bow to this feat in his lifetime is the renowned pianist, Philippe Entremont.

For the audience, the icologram® APP turns out to be an exclusive event in itself because it offers the possibility of organizing your own life-size concert using the latest technology.

icologram® called upon the best specialists in sound and image capable of reproducing such a recording in audiovisual: 6k cameras captured the images and a Schoeps ORTF 3D immersive recorder, the sound.

The icologram® ART & MUSIC application allows you to feel all the emotions of a live concert, as if you were in the hall as an audience member who came to listen to the artist of your choice. It currently works with the MAGIC LEAP device and will be available on their AppStore in May or upon request on contact@icologram.com

icologram® will also soon be offering other exclusive holographic experiences without using high-tech devices.

VIDEO-DEMO > https://cutt.ly/3yjyIvc

Pierluigi Christophe ORUNESU
icologram® architect | entrepreneur

Source: RealWire

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