Reality Interactive Announces New Augmented Reality (AR) Solutions for Retailers.

MIDDLETOWN, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARReality Interactive, an award winning retail technology agency, today announces the launch of new AR solutions to enable retailers to go beyond ecommerce and allow customers to truly explore products anywhere. By making the experience real enough to feel, Reality’s AR solutions focus on shortening the purchase journey and increasing conversion. With Reality Virtual Product Placement, brands are empowered to provide customers the ability to experience ownership of the product pre-purchase. With Reality’s AR Customization Tool, brands can “localize” eCommerce experiences and boost brick and mortar sales.

The company recently completed an AR experience for a large spa manufacturer which illustrates the power of AR to drive engagement and sales. Customers are able to choose any spa model, pick from a range of color combinations and then drop their customized spa in any location they choose, such as their backyard, deck or inside their home. The end result allows the customer to truly assess how the spa would look in their home. Customers are then able to save their favorite customized spa and then send it to a local dealer who can then reach out to them to complete their purchase or answer any additional questions. The app has had 13,500 initial downloads, and 27,000 virtual spas placed in consumer’s homes.

“The pandemic accelerated the need for brands to execute digital transformation strategies and look to technologies such as AR,” said Jeremy Brazeal, Creative Director, Reality Interactive. “A well thought out AR experience helps customers understand what they’re buying, which we know leads to higher post-purchase satisfaction.”

Learn more about Reality Interactive’s AR offerings here.

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