More Customers More Problems: Surge in Holiday Travel and Shopping Increases Risk to Frontline Workers Facing Unruly Customers

Immersive Conflict Resolution VR training solution applies proven de-escalation techniques for frontline-staff to address disturbing trend

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Immersive virtual reality (VR) training company, SkillsVR, today announced the launch of a new VR Conflict Management Training solution, including modules custom-designed to meet the needs of public-facing personnel who face unprecedented threats and attacks by disruptive customers – a growing phenomenon as travel and shopping surges during the holidays.

“Far too often we all see the disturbing news reports of threats and attacks against flight attendants, restaurant servers and many other retail employees. Today’s public-facing personnel need enhanced skills to effectively manage through tense interactions with disruptive customers,” said James Coddington, CEO of SkillsVR. “The SkillsVR Conflict Management Training solution combines the “learning by doing” benefits of VR with decades of proven communication, engagement and de-escalation techniques.”

Each SkillsVR Conflict Management training module is tailored to the unique requirements of the client’s workplace to reflect realistic on-the-job situations. This custom design framework tracks the progress of each learner, measuring skills developed through progressively more challenging scenarios. Each session is recorded, allowing for review and feedback with trainers to support continuous improvement. Learners can repeat individual modules to achieve “mastery” of client-defined skill sets.

“The SkillsVR team has successfully trained thousands of retail staff, customer service personnel and law enforcement officers over the last 20 years. We designed the SkillsVR Conflict Management offering based upon this proven approach,” said Quinton Swanson, SkillsVR’s Safety Culture and Conflict Management Lead, “Through the power of VR, we can provide an effective and measurable training experience at scale while each learner benefits from their own personalized skills development journey. We look forward to helping these professionals effectively manage the challenges presented by disruptive members of the public.”

The SkillsVR “learning by doing” approach is designed to stimulate learning through emotional engagement: realistic scenarios to activate the learner’s natural fears and instincts leading to greater retention of the defined skills within each module. This experiential learning method has proven to accelerate skills development and retention to effectively prepare learners for real world encounters with suddenly stressful situations and unexpectedly aggressive individuals. Ultimately, learners gain the self-awareness, confidence and resilience to apply what they already know combined with enhanced skills developed through their individualized experience in the SkillsVR Conflict Management modules.


We develop organizational potential through immersive learning, verified with proof-of-impact analytics and micro credentials, that builds an individual’s confidence, competence, and resilience in safer, smarter, and faster ways.

To learn more about the SkillsVR Conflict Management training offering, please visit SkillsVR.


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