VidAU: Leading the Future of AI Video Creation with New Investment

SINGAPORE, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VidAU, a promising player in the AI video creation sector, has recently secured funding from an influential anonymous fund in the industry. This angel investment will further develop VidAU’s intelligent algorithms and AI video models, enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

Making Video Creation Effortless for Everyone

VidAU is on a mission to simplify the video creation process. With VidAU, users can effortlessly create engaging videos using product links or descriptions. The platform features lifelike avatars that act as spokespersons, speaking in various languages and accents for diverse applications, including TikTok, YouTube, marketing, training videos, and more. Additionally, users can access a comprehensive suite of video editing tools such as face swapping, translation, watermark removal, and video mixing.

Rapid Market Adoption and Impressive Results

VidAU’s AI video creation platform is quickly gaining traction. The company boasts a growing active user base, including leading companies and e-commerce platforms. Clients appreciate VidAU’s efficient video creation capabilities and exceptional localized solutions, which enable them to succeed in international markets. These solutions significantly reduce content marketing costs and boost efficiency, with clients experiencing substantially improving production efficiency. VidAU also significantly enhances commercial conversion rates.

Innovative Leadership Driving Success

Under the visionary leadership of founder Joanna, VidAU has consistently focused on AI video tools and international expansion. With a predominantly technical team (over 80%), VidAU is well-positioned to capitalize on the anticipated AI boom in 2024. Leveraging extensive global experience, VidAU addresses real-world business challenges for its clients. The launch of their SaaS version, VidAU.AI, has garnered high praise for its practicality and innovation in global markets, driving strong growth momentum among users worldwide.

Customized AI Models for Brand Success

VidAU excels in accelerating the adoption of AI technology. Through AI Avatars, or AI Avatar Spokespersons, VidAU enables clients to create proprietary video domain models that align with their unique brand identity and target audience. These AI Avatars continuously self-learn and optimize performance, giving VidAU a competitive edge over rivals relying on generic industry tools.

Success Stories Highlighting Real-World Impact

VidAU’s impact is evident in its client success stories. For instance, a leading e-commerce platform used VidAU to produce numerous videos daily, achieving an adoption rate exceeding 70% and significantly improving production efficiency. Additionally, a pet supplies seller leveraged VidAU’s AI to create TikTok videos that garnered over a million views in the United States.

Pioneering the Future of Video Localization

By utilizing AI tools such as video translation and face swapping, VidAU has developed a robust model for video localization that balances efficiency and quality. This model has been successfully implemented for numerous clients in the short movie and e-commerce sectors, allowing businesses to localize their video content for global audiences seamlessly.

Looking Forward: A Commitment to Excellence

Founder Joanna outlines VidAU’s future goals:

  1. Optimize application scenarios and partner with leading global brands to enhance model accuracy and richness, ensuring VidAU’s success in the competitive global landscape.
  2. Enhance AIGC R&D and application capabilities, deepen industry understanding, and deliver exceptional customer service to overcome global market challenges.

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