OptiTrack and StretchSense Ink Global Reseller Agreement and Form Strategic Partnership to Create Smoother Motion Capture Workflows for Game and Film Studios

AUCKLAND, New Zealand & CORVALLIS, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#animation–OptiTrack (NaturalPoint), a worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems, has formally agreed with StretchSense to become a global authorized reseller of StretchSense’s hand and finger motion capture solution.

The strategic partnership includes both technology and channel benefits. OptiTrack will become a reseller of StretchSense gloves, giving customers the opportunity to buy a complete body and hand motion capture solution through a single channel. Customers can then use OptiTrack’s optical body capture with StretchSense hands as one, bringing simplicity to the often-complex motion capture technology set.

In addition, the two companies have been working together on a new integration to create smoother workflows for game and film studios alike, allowing for more speed and accuracy throughout the creative and production process, as well as minimising clean-up in post-production.

Expanding Partnership with Continued Focus on Customer Success

Today’s announcement builds on the existing relationship between OptiTrack and StretchSense, with the impetus for partnership being twofold: 1) demand from their mutual customer base, and 2) a shared vision for advancing the state of the art in emerging motion capture applications.

“This agreement gives our customers a single point of purchase for products from two industry-leading vendors, creating a truly powerful body and hand tracking solution.” said Ben O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer for StretchSense. “The market has clearly spoken and we couldn’t be happier that this has largely been customer-driven. When you bring together two of the world’s leading performance capture technologies, that can only create significant value for studios all over the world. Together, there’s a real opportunity here to overcome the challenges of capturing the nuance of performance of multiple characters on larger stages.”

“This partnership is an amazing opportunity to build new value for our mutual customers, and to expand our reach into the enterprise game and film studio market,” said Adam Schmidt, Chief Revenue Officer for OptiTrack. “We are excited to extend our partnership with StretchSense, and to deliver more accurate, complete, and capable mocap systems.”

“Having these two vendors form this partnership is a match made in capture-tech heaven, direct integration will be a huge boost to simplifying full performance capture for both live-streaming and recorded pipelines,” said Lyle Cooley, the Motion Capture Supervisor for virtual production company, Versatile Media Ltd.

Coming up, StretchSense will join OptiTrack at the 2022 Game Developers Conference (GDC) taking place March 21-25 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

About OptiTrack

OptiTrack is the worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems through its 3D precision, low latency output, easy to use workflows, as well as a host of developer tools. Serving primary markets in drone and ground robot tracking, movement sciences, virtual production and character animation for film and games as well as virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (XR) tracking, it remains the most widely used tracking solution on earth and is the favorite of world leading academia research and professional teams whose requirements are the most demanding in the world.

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About StretchSense

StretchSense (Sensor Holdings Limited) is the creator of the MoCap Pro Glove and Hand Engine software. Its industry-leading hand and finger motion capture solution combines bespoke stretch sensors with machine-learning for superior hand and finger tracking and reduced clean up in post-production.

Its dedication to innovation has positioned it as a driving market force in several key technology sectors including game development studios, film production and virtual reality. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Todd Gisby and Dr. Benjamin O’Brien, plus bioengineering Professor Iain Anderson. StretchSense has approximately 60 staff across offices in New Zealand and the US.

Visit www.stretchsense.com for more information.

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