The E-WIN 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk

High Quality, Sturdy and Pretty Damn Cool!

By Lou Wallace

This Christmas my present won’t fit under the tree but it’s still going to be my best gift (to myself) this year. I’ve had eWin gaming chairs for a couple years, now this desk completes the picture!

Assembly is pretty easy, and even has the tools needed in the box.

It took an hour or so to assemble , with my 17 year old helping out. First we separated all the parts from the box to see what we had to deal with.

Once assembled we wanted to see the lights in action, so powered them via USB from my Surface Pro laptop.

The lights are really very cool and fun, with variable speeds and patterns.

And it even comes with a cup holder!

The desk is ergometric, with a slight slope towards you, a feature I really like.

And it’s a pretty good size as well, and can support up to 320 lbs.

Photo courtesy of eWin

Bottom line I love it!

Well worth the price, and if you get it now it’s 20% off MSP! (Use code CS20)

To see the desk and eWins other gaming products, click here!

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