Smileyscope Takes its Virtual Reality Digital Therapeutics Platform to the Next Level With the Power of Mindfulness

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Australia- and New York-based, Smileyscope Holding Inc (Smileyscope) is a global pioneer in virtual reality (VR) therapeutics. The company merges evidence-based medicine with state-of-the-art technology, creating ground-breaking digital treatments that help patients manage pain, anxiety, and mental health. Smileyscope welcomes the internationally renowned mindfulness thought leader Craig Hassed OAM onto its platform enabling users to enjoy the immersive power of meditation. Prof. Hassed has authored over 100 scientific papers on the clinical benefits of mindfulness meditation and awarded the Order of Australian Medal for his work on the subject.

Smileyscope CEO Evelyn Chan, MD, remarked during the announcement of Prof. Hassed’s addition to the development team: “It’s amazing how therapeutic VR can create such systems-wide positive impacts. Translating evidence-based medicine into VR has huge potential to improve people’s health and livelihoods. We are delighted to add Prof. Hassed’s work to our digital therapeutics platform.”

Eight in ten Americans experience stress in their daily lives and find it challenging to calm their minds and bodies.1 This puts them at higher risk of conditions like anxiety, depression, and burnout, as well as physical diseases like stroke and heart disease. Research shows that mindfulness can help a wide range of mental and physical conditions.1

Smileyscope’s VR platform helps users rapidly achieve a peaceful state of mental focus, even in stressful environments such as hospitals and clinics. “It is so useful to find some inner balance, peace and stability, especially when going through challenging and uncertain times. Meditation can help us to find that within ourselves,” said Prof. Hassed. “Smileyscope offers a great range of simple and accessible meditation practices.”

Patients and care providers across four continents welcome the addition of mindfulness meditation to the growing catalogue of evidence-based medicine therapies offered by Smileyscope. Prof. Hassed’s contributions join tested music therapies from the Hush Foundation, Smileyscope’s proprietary digital therapeutics, MRI anxiety assessments, patient education offerings, and more. Smileyscope’s multi-award winning digital therapeutic was clinically tested in the world’s largest trials in procedural virtual reality and is suitable for users aged 4 years and older.2

1. American Psychological Association. Stress In America: 2020. Available at: Accessed December 14, 2021.

2. Chan E, et al. Virtual reality for pediatric needle procedural pain: two randomized clinical trials. J Pediatr. 2019;209:160-167.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2019.02.034.

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Smileyscope is a leader in digital therapeutics focused on managing pain and anxiety. The company’s virtual reality (VR) proprietary technology, known as Procedural Choreography, replaces negative real-world stimuli with positive VR stimuli resulting in significant reduction in pain and anxiety. The company has multiple clinical trials underway and is rapidly expanding its product offerings into additional patient segments.

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