More Efficient and Accessible Healthcare for Underserved Populations Now Available Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Two Arizona companies partner to democratize access to healthcare

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ReDirect Health and AdviNOW Medical announced today that they have
created a strategic partnership to deliver affordable, high-quality
primary care to low-and-middle income populations using artificial
intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), automated patient engagement
and data analytics to improve efficiency and outcomes.

The partnership between ReDirect Health and AdviNOW Medical creates a
fully automated patient primary care management system that removes the
repetitive overhead tasks from providers so that they can focus more on
consulting with patients. This innovative solution will reduce the total
cost of healthcare by managing acute and chronic conditions in an
automated way and assuring that gaps in care are closed and patient
treatment adherence is increased with effective follow-up and proactive
patient engagement. Patient satisfaction levels soar when they have easy
access to care when they need it and lead healthier lives with better

ReDirect Health’s Co-Founder and CEO Paul Johnson, and former Phoenix
mayor, said that “the goal is to disrupt the U.S. insurance-payer-driven
healthcare system through the use of easily accessible primary care and
artificial intelligence-powered data collection to improve access to
quality medical care for the more than 75,000,000 Americans who are left
out of the system today.” The shortage in primary care providers creates
an access crisis in effectively delivering continuing care to improve
outcomes to those that need it most.

Our members cannot afford to take time off from work for flu,
sinusitis, or minor injury,” added ReDirect Health’s Medical Director
Janice Johnston, MD. “We’re able to help them quickly navigate the
healthcare system 24/7 so they don’t have to worry about missing work.
And, thanks to AdviNOW Medical’s AI technology, we’re giving our
providers more comprehensive, real-time information for diagnostics and
treatment, saving them time as well.”

Moving toward the same goal of greater access via a more efficient and
accessible healthcare system, AdviNOW Medical delivers an AI-powered
patient engagement platform that has completely automated the repetitive
tasks carried out by a physician. The AI interacts with patients to
collect information about the patient condition and guide the patient to
the most appropriate and convenient point-of-care, which helps to reduce
unnecessary emergency room visits. The AI system assists the provider in
every healthcare-delivery scenario from the virtual home visit to the
in-person doctor visit by preparing all information in an easy-to-review
format allowing the provider to make diagnosis and treatment decisions
efficiently. And, once decisions are made by the provider, the AI
scribes the doctor’s notes (SOAP notes) and automatically completes the
chart in the electronic medical record, significantly easing the
documentation burden for providers, while delivering a detailed and
meticulous patient record to be used for future learning to improve
patient outcomes. In short, AdviNOW Medical reduces the providers’
time-per-patient while improving patient satisfaction and outcomes
through an efficient and comprehensive medical encounter.

ReDirect Health’s model has dramatically outperformed the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention benchmarks of expected claims. CDC
collects utilization data from health insurance companies across the
nation, averaging the data to set its benchmarks in categories including
number of people who sought medical treatment in a doctor’s office,
number of emergency department visits, and number of hospitalizations,
and dozens of others. Among Redirect Health’s most noteworthy measures:
emergency department utilization was more than 70 percent lower than CDC
benchmarks for members aged 6-64, and 66 percent lower for children
under six and nearly 80 percent fewer members were hospitalized.

I have not seen other primary care providers accomplish anything near
the efficiency of ReDirect Health,” said James Bates, founder and CEO of
AdviNOW Medical. “Its 24/7 access to a care expert, centralization of
records, and virtual platform is second-to-none. AdviNOW Medical helps
automate the best in class process of ReDirect Health and delivers an
industry-first collection of discrete data about medical encounters.
Combined, these innovations provide transparency to all involved.
Efficiency and access start with the right data.”

To learn more about ReDirect Health, contact (888) 995-4945 or
To learn more about AdviNOW Medical, contact Andrea Smiley at (480)
560-9214 or

About ReDirect Health

ReDirect Health is empowering businesses and individuals to take charge
of their healthcare decisions through its self-funded healthcare
programs. Since 2013, ReDirect Health continues to fundamentally change
how healthcare should be provided by addressing the lack of
affordability, access and transparency in the U.S. healthcare system.
Its EverdayCARE® products focus on improving the quality of care at an
affordable price by cutting costs and eliminating waste without a loss
of service. Today, more than 800 businesses and 10,000 members in all 50
states have turned to ReDirect Health to address their healthcare needs.

About AdviNOW Medical

AdviNOW Medical uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to
completely automate the medical patient encounter outside the actual
patient-provider consult. ANM enables an objective physical examination
with AR guided objective measurements anywhere at any time while
fundamentally reducing the cost to run existing clinics and is a common
platform to drive point of care to the home.


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