Top U.S. Car Maker Chooses TOYO Corporation’s Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulator Again for Advanced Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Development

Company acquires enhanced TOYOs solution with high-torque force and steering capabilities to support next-gen vehicle development efforts

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TOYO Corporation, the leading test and measurement company, is thrilled to announce the recent selection of its vehicle-in-the-loop simulator (ViLS) by a top U.S. automaker for testing and validating their next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles. This marks the company’s second purchase; the system is valued in the multi-millions of dollars, making it one of the biggest orders ever awarded to TOYO for the ViLS platform.

TOYO’s ViLS enables automotive engineers to conduct a wide array of vehicle, environmental, and road tests under realistic conditions in a cost-effective and safe laboratory environment. Specifically tailored to support the CASE paradigm (Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, Electric), the TOYO ViLS platform integrates leading components, including Rototest Energy Powertrain dynamometers, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and True Sim, a professional-grade driving simulator with augmented reality functionality.

Key advantages of the TOYO ViLS include:

• Portability and quick setup time

• High-torque force support

• 4-wheel independent control dynamometer system requiring only a flat surface and power

• Steering control and feedback during running tests

• Low-inertia drive motor unit

• Quick acceleration testing by eliminating tires

• 4-quadrant testing capabilities (forward, reverse, power running, regeneration)

• Running resistance testing, simulating hill conditions

• Options such as a blower for generating headwinds and an interface for linking external control systems

The automaker’s key test requirements encompass advanced driver assistance system software modules, high torque force tests, acceleration tests, adaptive cruise control tests, steering control and feedback tests, emergency and regenerative braking tests. And in December 2023, the company deployed and commissioned two ViLS systems that the automaker had previously ordered.

“We’re grateful for the ongoing trust from this U.S. automaker, validating TOYO’s dedication to our ViLS development,” said Toshiya Kohno, President/CEO at TOYO. “Their second adoption of our Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulator highlights its unmatched performance, empowering engineers to accelerate next-gen vehicle development.”

As the automotive industry embraces technology fields such as computing, wireless communications, networking, sensors, radar, and artificial intelligence, TOYO stands ready to propel this vision forward with innovative test solutions like the ViLS platform.

To learn more about our automotive test initiatives, visit TOYO and TOYOTech on the web at and, respectively.


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