GameDriver Announces 2024.03 Update from GDC, Enhancing Support for Unreal Engine and Unity


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GameDriver® Inc., the leading automated testing solution for gaming and XR experiences, has today announced from the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC) a significant update to its industry-leading platform with the launch of version 2024.03.

Tailored to the evolving needs of game developers, this update marks a significant expansion in GameDriver’s testing and quality assurance capabilities, providing developers and creators with even more powerful tools to ensure the delivery of the highest quality games and XR experiences.

The GameDriver 2024.03 release ushers in a suite of new features designed to further streamline the game development and testing process, including:

  • ECS/DOTS Support for Unity®: This release supports Unity’s ECS/DOTS technologies that provide higher performance by default to enable developers to better handle larger and more complex scenes, a critical aspect as games become more intricate and detailed.
  • Unity 6 Support: In anticipation of the release of Unity 6, GameDriver has certified support for the latest version of Unity so that teams can upgrade seamlessly and leverage their test automation assets in the process.
  • Rewired™ Input System Support: GameDriver version 2024.03 now provides support for Rewired, a popular input system for Unity that enhances the control and handling of various input devices and platforms, such as keyboards, mice, gamepads, touchscreens and more.
  • Blueprints Support for Unreal® Engine: The introduction of comprehensive support for Unreal Engine’s Blueprints empowers developers to utilize visual scripting for rapid game mechanics prototyping and interactive content creation without the need for traditional coding, speeding up the overall development process.
  • OVR Gestures Support: As virtual reality (VR) device and content adoption continues to grow, support for OVR Gestures has been implemented into this latest GameDriver version, adding crucial tools for developing more intuitive and immersive VR experiences.
  • Apple Vision Pro Support (beta): With the highly anticipated launch of the Apple Vision Pro earlier this year, GameDriver is providing support for Unity applications built on the latest innovative platform from Apple.

These latest updates in version 2024.03 have been made in direct response to feedback from the game development community and aim to ensure that developers have the tools they need to more quickly and efficiently find and remove bugs throughout the development lifecycle, while simultaneously fostering innovation and creativity in game creation.

“GameDriver’s 2024.03 update is a testament to our dedication to advancing the field of game development and testing,” said Shane Evans, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at GameDriver. “By introducing these latest updates to the GameDriver solution, we’re supporting more technologies, in more game engines, on more target devices; we’re redefining what’s possible in game testing and setting a new benchmark for quality and efficiency in game development.”

GameDriver will be exhibiting alongside industry partner Kobiton at GDC 2024 this week in San Francisco. With GameDriver’s solutions specifically designed to enhance game development workflows, GDC attendees are invited to visit the company at booth S1369 and discover the full benefit of automated game testing. For more information on GameDriver, please visit

About GameDriver®, Inc.

GameDriver simplifies the bug-finding process for video games and extended reality (XR) experiences by automating the tedious task of testing. The GameDriver platform can cleverly navigate through a game or experience, identify problems, and help fix them, all without a human having to repeatedly and manually test for bugs. GameDriver supports Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot, and helps developers on these platforms improve time to market and overall product quality. Find out more at


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