Mojo Vision Reaches Industry Milestone With Red Micro-LED at State-of-the-Art Diameter and Pitch

New development in vibrant micro-LED advances display functionality in augmented reality and extended reality markets

SARATOGA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mojo Vision, the high-performance micro-LED company, announced today it successfully powered the world’s highest-density (14K ppi) red micro-LED microdisplay. The powering of the red micro-LED display is an important step in overcoming challenges of delivering high-performance and reliable full-color micro-LED displays. Mojo Vision used its proprietary Quantum Dot (QD) process to display visually vibrant, state-of-the-art red micro-LEDs, measuring 1.37um in diameter and set on a 1.87um pitch. The visual quality and efficiency at this size are critical in meeting the full-color requirements for augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) markets.

A primary challenge with current display technologies, such as OLED, in today’s AR/VR headsets is the ability to deliver optimal brightness and contrast dynamically as environmental light conditions change. When micro-LEDs are commercially available, the displays will be able to provide rich device functionality in all ambient conditions for AR and XR emerging products. Mojo Vision’s high-density red micro-LED is the industry’s first to overcome wavelength and visual challenges with ultra-high pixel density, brightness, contrast, color gamut and energy efficiency.

The ability to make very small red, green, and blue micro-LEDs on the same substrate is critical to achieving vibrant and effective full color microdisplays,” said Dr. Nikhil Balram, chief executive officer of Mojo Vision. “Powering a true red display, rather than leaning toward orange as others do, at this size and specification puts us a big step closer to producing a micro-LED display that will meet or exceed the current performance and form factor requirements for AR and XR products.”

While it is typically easier to deliver high-quality micro-LEDs at larger sizes (> 5um), the industry has struggled with smaller micro-LEDs, particularly those using color conversion materials. Mojo Vision’s breakthrough sets a new state-of-the-art benchmark for micro-LED manufacturers by achieving true red vibrancy at a record-small pitch exceeding past records for red wavelengths of 620 nanometers or more that are required by major color standards used in broadcast and consumer displays.

Addressing all three comfort pillars — wearable, visual and social — in all-day use smart glasses is critical for wide consumer adoption,” said Dr. Bernard Kress, president of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE). “The display sub-system is at the core of this problem. Emissive display panels are preferred to traditional liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) or digital light processing (DLP) panels that require larger volumes and higher drive power. Although micro-OLED panels can be effectively matched to bulky birdbath combiners, micro-LED panels are best suited for thin waveguide combiners due to their higher brightness.

Monolithic RGB micro-LED panels have been the industry’s holy grail for many years now but are still struggling to produce efficient pixels with pitches below four microns, with challenges ranging from using InGaN instead of more mature AlInGap, efficiency in red, reliability and thermal issues, and lack of 300mm wafer scale fab,” Dr. Kress continued. “Mojo’s proprietary red and green QD conversion of mature blue GaN micro-LED panel technology at pixel pitches below two microns can be a great alternative and provide effective solutions for today’s smart glasses.”

Mojo Vision’s new prototype will support a more advanced display in lightweight glasses form factor. The company recently announced a partnership with DigiLens to advance display capabilities in AR/XR markets. The partnership comes on the heels of Mojo Vision’s successful light-up of the first-ever 300mm blue GaN-on-Silicon micro-LED array wafer.

Full color micro-LED microdisplays are going to start emerging in the market in the coming years,” said Dr. Guillaume Chansin, director of Display Research at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). “Mojo Vision’s prototype stands out as a new milestone, by demonstrating red color conversion with a sub-2um pixel pitch. This development is significant for the micro-LED industry and shows the potential of Mojo Vision’s approach towards full color, high resolution microdisplays.”

About Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision is focused on developing and commercializing high-performance micro-LED display technology for consumer, enterprise and government applications. The company combines breakthrough technology, leading display and semiconductor expertise, and an advanced 300mm manufacturing process to deliver on the promise of micro-LED displays. Mojo’s proprietary quantum-dot technology brings full color capability to its display platform, and meets the superior performance demands for all form factors. Mojo Vision developed the world’s smallest, densest dynamic display for the first AR smart contact lens and is now applying this innovation and expertise to lead the disruption of the $160 billion display industry.


Carol Boyko

104 West Partners for Mojo Vision

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