Banuba Presents Virtual Contact Lenses Try-On

Banuba improves its contact lenses try-on technology. It now allows users to test any kind of colored contacts, including ones that are placed over the entire eye.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIMakeup–Banuba, a cutting-edge AI and computer vision company, announced today the launch of its updated contact lenses try-on. The new version is a part of TINT, Banuba’s larger virtual try-on platform, and is designed to give users the ability to try on any kind of contact lenses, with the ability to recolor the iris, pupil, and sclera together or separately. This new technology will revolutionize the way people shop for contacts, giving them the ability to try on different lenses – impossible in reality for hygienic reasons.

Banuba’s technology has a number of advantages:

  • Realistic interaction with lighting and natural eye color
  • Applicable to any eye (some options don’t support brown eyes)
  • Both lifelike and unusual colors available
  • Easy to experiment with different styles to find the perfect match

Together, they lead to massively improved user experience and better sales. It also adds a wow-factor that distinguishes adopters from their competitors.

Banuba contact lenses virtual try-on is a game-changer for the fashion industry. With the ability to try on any kind of contacts, users can now find the perfect fit with ease. The variety of lifelike and unusual options makes it easy to experiment with different styles, and the realistic look and interaction with lighting and natural eye color make it easy to see how the lenses will look in real life. Banuba is excited to bring this new technology to the market and looks forward to continuing to innovate in the virtual try-on space.

About Banuba

Banuba is an augmented reality company with over 7 years on the market, pioneering face tracking, virtual try-on, and virtual background technologies. Besides online try-on solutions for makeup, headwear, jewelry, glasses, and more, it offers a Face filters SDK and Video Editor SDK – ready-made modules to apply effects and edit videos.


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