Masterpiece X: Generate and Remix Game-Ready 3D Assets

In partnership with Meta, Masterpiece Studio launches innovative 3D Remixing Platform for modern creators.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Masterpiece Studio, today announced the release of Masterpiece X, the 3D remix platform for modern creators.

In partnership with Meta, Masterpiece Studio has set out to reimagine how 3D media is created – for the rapidly growing user base of more than 20+ million Meta Quest 2 headsets owners – in the age of TikTok, augmented reality filters and avatars. The answer? 3D Remixing.

Creators of all types create remixes all the time without even realizing it – it’s a very universal, intuitive and accessible way to create all kinds of content, where new content is created from old content.

Until recently, the age-old practice or remixing was rarely ever applied to 3D because of a lack of software to easily perform it. However, the concept of remixing 3D assets is just starting to take off. Thanks to Masterpiece X, 3D remixing is beginning to truly unlock the ability for everyone to easily tap into their creative side, be inspired, and get into the flow of making 3D content!

“Just like a DJ – let your creativity flow by transforming & remixing 3D assets to match your imagination! No more starting from scratch, wading through complicated tutorials or waiting for inspiration!” says Jonathan Gagne, the Founder & CEO of Masterpiece Studio.

For the first time, 3D remixing & Masterpiece X truly empowers and enables every creative to skip the hard parts of 3D creation by:

  • Starting from existing models (from Community Library; imported or generated coming soon);
  • Remixing any part intuitively (from the shape [mesh], to the paint [texture], to how it moves [rig, skin and animate];
  • Becoming part of a growing community of like minded creators, to share and learn from!;
  • Sharing 3D assets back with the Community Library, to inspire and accelerate others; and by
  • Discovering more inspiration to do it all over again!

The Community Library is a big part of what makes 3D remixing possible. It’s a growing resource – made for the community, by the community and owned by everyone – for 3D assets: models, textures, animations and more!

Editing and remixing 3D models is available today through Masterpiece X, exclusively for Meta Quest 2. You can download the app directly here or find out more at

The platform’s end-to-end generative AI functionality is still in limited access, but you can join the waitlist here.

About Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio’s vision is to make 3D effortless.

Over the last 8 years, their innovative work has been recognized for pushing the limits of 3D creation software.

Masterpiece Studio is a proud member of several industry leading associations, including the Khronos Group and the Metaverse Standards Forum.

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Franco Varriano,, 613-889-3035

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