Introducing “Nada Yada Yada”: Metro by T-Mobile’s BS-Free Promise

The prepaid wireless leader reaffirms its commitment to wireless without the gotcha

Metro launches the Broadband BS Fund to help Spectrum and Xfinity customers combat their exploding wireless bills and other Big Cable yada yada


What’s the news: Today, Metro by T-Mobile announced “Nada Yada Yada,” a new campaign reinforcing its long-standing commitment to no BS — like no contracts, no price hikes and no surprises when joining Metro. As part of that, the prepaid wireless leader also took the fight to longtime yada yada purveyors Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile, launching:

  • The Broadband BS Fund to reimburse some of the millions of cable customers experiencing — or soon to experience — the yada yada of exploding wireless bills from Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile
  • Unlimited 5G Data for $25 so Spectrum and Xfinity Mobile customers — and anyone else — can get wireless from Metro for just $25 per month for a single line of unlimited smartphone 5G when they bring their phone and number
  • T-Mobile 5G Home Internet for Metro for $20 per month through the Affordable Connectivity Program with a Metro wireless plan, giving millions of eligible Americans access to more affordable home broadband

Why it matters: The world is awash in yada yada — added taxes, surprise charges, exploding bills and plenty of other gotchas — everywhere from airlines to hotels to cable broadband and beyond. Not Metro by T-Mobile. Metro is grounded in simplicity, predictability and transparency. It’s the only prepaid provider that delivers wireless without the gotcha … with the biggest selection of free 5G phones in prepaid and 5G coverage on the T-Mobile network included at no extra cost … all with Nada Yada Yada.

Who it’s for: Everyone who’s sick of yada yada.

What they’re saying: “At Metro by T-Mobile, being the undisputed leader in prepaid isn’t just a title we claim — it’s a profound responsibility that drives us to take a stand on behalf of wireless customers everywhere,” said Clint Patterson, Prepaid Chief Marketing Officer, T-Mobile. “Nada Yada Yada means wireless without the gotcha. It means putting customers first, keeping them reliably connected on T-Mobile’s leading 5G network with great perks and none of the BS people hate, like contracts or exploding bills.”

How it works:

The Broadband BS Fund

Big Cable providers like Spectrum and Xfinity have added millions of customers by offering a seemingly good deal full of yada yada. Then, once the promotion is over, they smack customers with exploding bills. Many Spectrum Mobile customers will see their wireless bills balloon by as much as $360 per year, starting next month when Spectrum’s sneaky “introductory” promo expires. It’s infuriating. And it’s classic Cable.

To help these people dealing with Big Cable yada yada, Metro by T-Mobile has created the Broadband BS Fund to help Spectrum and Xfinity customers cover their exploding cable wireless bills, with a total of up to $1 million set aside. Plus, Metro customers still using Big Cable for home internet who are getting slapped with exploding internet bills can get in on the action too. The BS Fund is available first-come, first-serve, while the cash lasts.

Simply share your story at to be reimbursed for your Cable trauma.

Unlimited 5G Data for $25

Current Spectrum and Xfinity customers can now snag unlimited 5G data from Metro for an unbeatable $30 their first month, and $25 per month after with AutoPay for a single line, all while keeping their phone and number — and without exploding bills.

And, making the switch is easy — click here to escape the Big Cable yada yada.

5G Home Internet for Metro for $20

With 5G Home Internet for Metro, people get fast, reliable broadband free from Big Cable yada yada. Starting now, Metro wireless customers can get 5G Home Internet for Metro for only $25 the first month, and $20 per month after with AutoPay when they qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. With Metro, customers get:

  • A flat rate. You know what to expect with no annual contracts, added taxes or monthly fees. Spectrum and Xfinity customers can’t say the same.
  • Simple setup. Other providers can leave you waiting for weeks for installation, just so they can drill holes in your walls. With Metro, there’s none of that. Just purchase a gateway from a Metro store, plug it in, download the app and connect in less than 15 minutes.
  • Price Lock. Unlike with the others, you can rest assured that the rate you pay for internet will stay the same. Exclusions like taxes and fees apply.
  • A worry-free trial. You can even test drive T-Mobile 5G Home Internet for Metro for 60 days before making the switch. If you love it, yay! If not, return the gateway and get a refund.

Check availability for your address here.

An Unrivaled Prepaid Experience

At Metro, customers get great benefits for being part of the extended T-Mobile family, like:

  • The Most 5G Coverage: Experience America’s largest 5G network at no extra charge.
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays: Get free stuff and exclusive perks every week for things like food, gas, entertainment and more in the T‑Mobile Tuesdays app.
  • 2023 MLS Season Pass on Us: Watch every live Major League Soccer match including playoffs this season for free. No blackouts or restrictions.
  • Scam Shield: ScamShield™ protects customers from scam calls with useful features like Scam ID so you know if incoming calls are spam or not, Scam Block to automatically block all those scammers before they reach your phone and free Caller ID so you have more info on whether to pick up or not.

And with thousands of Metro stores across the country, customers have easy access to knowledgeable experts right in their own neighborhoods.

For more information on Nada Yada Yada, click here.

Check out the Nada Yada Yada ad here.

Metro by T-Mobile’s new ad campaign, created in partnership with OKRP, highlights the transparency and simplicity customers experience with Metro.

Ad Credits

Agency: OKRP

Music: Beacon Street Studios

Production: Tool of North America

Audio Post Production: BAM Studios and Lime Studios

Post Production: Whitehouse Post

Post Production: Carbon

Limited time offers; subject to change. BS Fund: NO PUR. NEC. 18+, US, DC, & PR. Ends 12/08/23. Full rules: Void where prohibited. $25 Plan: A connection charge of up to $25/line may apply. If you use a lot of data >35GB/mo, you may experience slower speeds when our network is really busy, and video streams in SD. This deal isn’t available if you’re switching from T-Mobile, or you were with Metro in the past 180 days. No Price Hikes at Metro means that when you join Metro, we won’t change what you pay for talk text and smartphone data on our network…ever…for as long as you keep your plan. But limited-time promos ending, the cost of third-party services increasing, or using per-use services might change your monthly price. New customers only. Home Internet: Check availability. Without AutoPay, $5 more. Fast & reliable based on T-Mobile analysis of eligible customer speed data reflecting consistent broadband speeds. Delivered via 5G cellular network; speeds vary due to factors affecting cellular networks. See for additional details. Price Lock guarantees your regular monthly rate for your current qualified home internet service plan (excludes taxes/fees, limited-time promotions, per-use charges, third-party services, devices, and network management practices). ACP: Limit 1 discount per eligible household. See details at

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