You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Wash Your Hair: superzero’s New Social Media Campaign with Song Candy Media Brings Humor to Hair Care

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hair care brand superzero has partnered with community marketing creative agency, Song Candy Media to launch a new social media campaign aimed at challenging consumers to consider the importance that shampoo and conditioner play in the journey to hair happiness. According to superzero’s research, consumers often take everyday hair care products, such as shampoo and conditioner for granted. However, they found that the journey to a happy hair relationship starts with these foundational products. This inspired them to reach out to Song Candy Media for help translating their message into a fun and entertaining TikTok campaign.

Song Candy Media zeroed in on how to tell this story in a native way – through humor. Christine Hunt, Co-Founder of Song Candy Media shared that they “often lean into humor in marketing for 3 reasons: 1) Humor is the social glue that drives connection and builds community, 2) It’s why 75% users come to TikTok, and 3) Humor has been shown to drive higher ad recall, offering value to both brands and their audience.”

Song Candy Media and superzero looked for the funny, relatable truth at the heart of their story. They found it in the hair journey: We have put our hair through a lot – from perms to chunky highlights, self-inflicted breakup bangs, excessive heat, to the slew of products we’ve used before there were so many greener, cleaner options. They decided that it’s time for us to apologize to our hair! They partnered with TikTok creators to share their embarrassing hair mishaps followed by a hair apology with superzero shampoo and conditioners set to an original song, Hair Love.

To create the campaign music Song Candy Media leveraged internal tools to identify genres and artists that were over-indexing with Gen Z and superzero audiences, such as Pink Pantheress & Ice Spice (Boys A Liar +1MM TikTok videos) and RAYE (Escapism +696k TikTok videos). Always aiming to uplift the TikTok creator community, they decided to partner with Mariel Darling, a TikTok singer with a 255.4K engaged following. You’ll hear Mariel Darling singing vocals in the campaign song.

Through witty humor, relatable scenarios, and a brand-ownable beat, the campaign aims to show consumers that the journey to a happy hair relationship starts with everyday core products. superzero’s Co-Founder, Gurval Caer shared, “Our collaboration with Song Candy allowed us to engage with TikTok users in an authentic way. Combining original music with unique content that taps into the #hairfail phenomenon helps communicate our brand message and create engaging content that stops people from their daily scroll!”

The social media campaign has launched and will be promoted across TikTok and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). Kicking off the campaign, check out creator Julia Huynh’s hair apology video on TikTok.

About Song Candy Media

Founded by a powerhouse team of digital marketing and music production veterans in 2020, Song Candy Media (SCM) is the first-of-its-kind Community-Marketing Agency and Audio Production House. For SCM, Community Marketing is about taking social to the next level: connection and co-creation. At Song Candy Media we see content as the whitespace for building community. Creative content is responsible for up to 85% of campaign performance across brand and performance marketing yet continues to be an underdeveloped asset. SCM drives connection by developing content that is relatable, fun, and worthy of their audience’s attention. Partnering with brands like P&G, Neutrogena, K18, Kohl’s, Intuit, and Keebler – our approach is backed by social trend data, music science, and audience insights to give brand content a “sticky” factor that is then amplified through our 360-marketing strategy to drive results. Visit to learn more.

About superzero

superzero is a hair care brand that believes in the power of high-quality shampoos and conditioners to transform your hair and your relationship with it. By using only the best ingredients and cutting-edge science, superzero is dedicated to helping consumers achieve their hair goals and enjoy the journey to happy, healthy hair.


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