World’s First Total Knee Replacement Patient Treated with PolarisAR Breakthrough Mixed-Reality Surgical Guidance System

STELLAR Knee ushers in a new era of mixed-reality total joint arthroplasty

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PolarisAR, a developer of advanced mixed-reality surgical guidance technology, announced the first total knee arthroplasty (TKA) using its STELLAR Knee mixed-reality surgical guidance system.

The procedure was performed at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York.

STELLAR Knee is a mixed-reality surgical navigation platform that guides TKA procedures by displaying measured and computed data overlaid directly in a 3D environment. The mixed-reality system acts as a spatial computer, creating continuous data exchange between the surgeon and the software to help enhance surgical decision-making while simplifying operating room workflow.

“STELLAR Knee represents a paradigm shift in the OR, as we aim to offer surgeons robot-like precision and real-time guidance throughout TKA procedures,” said Paul Mikus, CEO of PolarisAR. “STELLAR Knee also fills a crucial gap in hospitals where existing robotic systems may already be in use. By seamlessly integrating into surgical workflows and delivering comparable precision in a mixed reality format, STELLAR Knee ensures that every patient can now access the highest standard of care.”

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the STELLAR Knee mixed-reality surgical guidance system in November 2023 for use in TKA procedures.

The STELLAR Knee system is designed to offer precise control over intraoperative variables compared to traditional instruments, navigation systems, and first-generation augmented reality. Through meticulous measurement, planning and guidance, it enables surgeons to optimize lower limb alignment, soft tissue balance, joint line maintenance and component positioning.

Over the next coming several weeks, STELLAR Knee’s commercial launch will continue at leading institutions throughout the U.S.

Traditional techniques for TKA have long been associated with various challenges and limitations. Surgeons often face difficulties in achieving precise alignment and balance of the lower limb. Additionally, closed implant systems and preoperative imaging methods may restrict flexibility and customization, limiting the surgeon’s ability to tailor the procedure to individual patient needs. In addition, traditional robotic technologies, with their large intraoperative footprint, can present barriers to widespread adoption. By contrast, Stellar Knee is agnostic to implant and imageless, making it more accessible to surgeons. The democratization of enabling technologies is a key objective for PolarisAR.

About PolarisAR

PolarisAR is a privately held startup based in Miami, founded in 2020. The company is developing a new class of mixed-reality surgical technology designed to optimize intraoperative workflows and improve patient outcomes using advanced, three-dimensional spatial computing algorithms. Its first product is the STELLAR Knee mixed-reality surgical guidance system, cleared by the FDA in 2023 for total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedures. STELLAR Knee offers a mixed-reality platform that comprehensively assesses bony anatomy and soft tissue to ensure precise extension and flexion gap resections. By combining the benefits of robot-like precision with the simplicity of a mixed-reality headset, Polaris aims to transform the landscape of orthopedic surgery. More information may be found at


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