WIMI Announced to Jointly Establish a Micro-Consciousness Quantum Research Center With MicroAlgo

BEIJING, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) (“WiMi” or the “Company”), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality (“AR”) Technology provider, today announced that WiMi and MicroAlgo will jointly establish a micro-consciousness quantum research center. It will integrate physics, mathematics, medicine, genetics, computer science, biology, polymer chemistry, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and many other disciplines to form a comprehensive research institute based on various disciplines centered on consciousness.

Research in basic science is a long process that requires a long-term commitment from scientists. At the same time, it also requires the support and promotion from the society and enterprises. Against the backdrop, WiMi Hologram (NASDAQ: WIMI) and MicroAlgo (NASDAQ: MLGO) plan to establish a micro-consciousness quantum research center together, aiming to utilize the characteristics of quantum theory, combined with the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, to study the relationship between consciousness and quantum. Continuously explore the deep science, to unify the quantum and human consciousness, and expand the limitations of science.

The micro-consciousness quantum research center builds a bridge between basic science and applied technology, closely connecting the theoretical research of basic science and the practice of applied technology. It not only focuses on basic science research, but also promotes a arrange of innovative technologies in practice, and actively facilitates the transfer from research results to practical applications. From the vision of globalization, the center will integrate the world’s top resources and gather talents from the world, and is committed to becoming an international innovation platform for quantum information science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and biology, and to lead towards a future where artificial intelligence and quantum science will go hand in hand. The core research directions of the micro-consciousness quantum research center are as follows.

Quantum computing and consciousness model: Utilizing the principles and advantages of quantum computing to research the nature of the conscious phenomenon. Build a quantum algorithm to simulate the dynamic behavior of neuronal networks and the brain’s activities in cognition, perception, and decision-making. The goal is to develop quantum models of consciousness capable of performing highly complex tasks, which may include, but are not limited to, emotion recognition, creative thinking simulations, and quantitative analysis of states of consciousness.

Brain-computer interface technology: Exploring the theoretical framework and practice for the integration of consciousness and machine, researching and developing the next-generation intelligent interface. Develop high-precision quantum sensors for monitoring brain activities. At the same time, utilizing quantum encryption technology to ensure the security of data transmission during brain-computer interaction. In addition, explores the use of quantum computing processing capabilities to decode brain signals in real-time to achieve more efficient human-machine interaction, laying a solid foundation for future human-machine applications.

Big data AI and quantum consciousness: Simulating the working mechanism of the human brain, combining quantum computing with artificial intelligence to build a new generation of intelligent systems, creating a quantum-enhanced AI system, and unlocking the mysteries of consciousness and the quantum world. Promote the application of quantum computing in simulating brain functions and optimizing machine learning algorithms, and explore the use of quantum features to enhance the cognitive ability and creativity of AI, in a bid to develop a humanoid AI system based on quantum consciousness to open a new era of intelligence.

Quantum-driven generative consciousness: Explore the potential connection between the conscious phenomenon and the principles of quantum physics, understand the nature of consciousness at the quantum level, construct a cross-disciplinary technical theoretical system, and provide theoretical support for the development of consciousness science.

Micro-consciousness quantum research center establishes a deep alliance with top universities and research institutes in China based on mutual trust, and the modes of cooperation include joint research and development, building joint laboratories, building industrial institutes, building engineering experiment centers, and training talents together. Specifically, through the joint R&D project, scientific research resources can be shared, and the resource advantages of both sides can be pooled together to overcome the major scientific problems in the field of consciousness quantum science. Through the construction of joint laboratories and industrial institutes, theoretical research and practical teaching can be closely integrated to provide researchers with learning and research opportunities close to the frontiers of the industry. At the same time, accelerates the transfer from scientific research results to industrial applications. The joint construction of the engineering experiment center provides a platform for the development and testing of new technologies and accelerates the development of technology. The micro-consciousness quantum research center will bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical applications, and promote human society to step into a new era that is smarter, more virtual and more efficient.

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