VNTANA Brings 3D Advertising to Facebook and Instagram

New Meta technology platform integration eases creation of interactive 3D product models in the feed to capture consumer attention

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D eCommerce technology, today announced a technology platform integration with Meta that brings 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram advertising. VNTANA was granted alpha access to Meta’s AR Publishing API to automate the creation and publication of 3D assets for ads. This solution provides brands a new, interactive way to bring their products to Meta apps and connect with their customers online, creating a more immersive shopping experience for the online consumer.

Via the new integration, VNTANA allows brands to upload their existing 3D designs from programs like Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, Modo, and others and automatically converts them to Facebook and Instagram standards. These 3D models can then be published from VNTANA directly to the Meta catalog so brands can greatly streamline the creation of 3D ads. The AR Publishing API was announced last year with select beauty brands, and this latest update represents the first time it will support apparel, footwear and handbag brands. Just like regular ads, 3D ads appear in users’ Facebook and Instagram feeds displaying interactive 3D models that users can tap and interact with – moving the product around to view all angles.

“3D and AR technology in online ads is the next frontier for brands looking to connect with the digital consumer and is a great first step into the metaverse,” says Ashley Crowder, VNTANA co-founder and CEO. “Collaborating with Meta to offer brands 3D deployment across its advertising platform is another move forward for VNTANA to democratize 3D for the retail industry. This technology delivers benefits to both the retailer and the consumer, as it gives the consumer a better understanding of the product.”

VNTANA’s patented optimization algorithms are key to the success of this test as most 3D design files are too large and would otherwise take days of manual work by 3D artists to optimize for Facebook and Instagram standards. Instead, VNTANA’s software automates this process so brands can deploy their designs across Facebook, Instagram, eCommerce, game-engines and other platforms. No 3D expertise is required.

“We know how important Facebook and Instagram’s advertising capabilities are for many brands looking to reach their target audience,” says Chris Barbour, Director, Augmented Reality Business Development & Partnerships – Meta Reality Labs. “3D and AR opens a new door of advertising possibilities for retail and e-commerce brands, improving the customer experience from the point of acquisition.”

This represents the first in a series of planned new features and capabilities as VNTANA and Meta continue to deepen the integration between their two platforms.

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VNTANA is a 3D Commerce Platform that helps brands, manufacturers, and retailers deploy immersive online experiences for e-commerce, B2B sales, social media, and the metaverse. Our fully-automated, patented 3D optimization reduces file size by up to 99% without any human effort involved so you instantly have the file types and size you need for the web, social media and virtual worlds. Built atop the industry’s first purpose-built 3D CMS, VNTANA provides infinite, automated scale that allows brands to deploy 3D assets for commerce through the highest-quality, fastest-loading 3D web viewer with built-in AR. Bolstered by a team of technical experts and the highest level of 3D and AR expertise in the industry, VNTANA is the single solution today’s brands need to quickly and easily deploy 3D assets at scale for any commerce need.


Elisa Suri


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