Virdio brings Augmented Reality Based Live and On-Demand workouts to the At-Home Fitness Market

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Virdio is thrilled to announce the launch of its direct-to-consumer fitness platform in late Q1 2022. Virdio is the first Augmented Reality (AR) platform to allow members to engage in gamified at-home fitness experiences without the use of any special equipment or glasses.

By leveraging proprietary vision technology and AR, Virdio minimizes the costs of building a home gym by providing the members with everything they need for a challenging and fun workout. Members can open their laptops or mobile devices to experience the company’s virtual tools featured in hundreds of live and on-demand classes.

Members can attend boxing classes in the comfort of their home utilizing Virdio’s AR punching bag, and Virdio’s vision technology tracks the motion and progress of movements like squats to track each individual’s motion and progress. Virdio provides its members with performance tracking metrics through rep counting, heart rate, and cardio performance. Virtual equipment and tools are consistently added to Virdio’s platform to keep workouts fresh and members engaged. Virdio also creates a digital fitness community that breaks through the isolation of exercising at home and keeps its world-class instructors and members connected and contributing.

“We’ve watched the At-Home fitness evolve over the past few years, but only for those who can afford expensive equipment,” noted Virdio’s Founder and CEO, Arjun Rishi. “With Virdio, we plan to revolutionize the at-home fitness market by offering premium workouts by world-class instructors that don’t require any hardware investment, just a monthly subscription for unlimited live and on-demand workouts.”

Virdio AR-Powered Live Streaming gamifies and personalizes fitness classes that can be taken from any room, anywhere. A team of world-class instructors offer live classes using AR equipment like Virdio’s AR-Powered Virtual Boxing, Virtual Lateral Cones, and Virtual Squats. In addition to live classes, members also gain access to a library of AR-Powered On-Demand classes utilizing the same virtual equipment and performance tracking offered in Virdio’s live classes.

“As a master trainer and product developer, I couldn’t be more excited about working with Virdio. Virtual training is here to stay, and Virdio has made it possible to virtually bring the tools people need. It’s a game-changer that makes a home gym fun and affordable for everyone,” shared Kim Lyons, Virdio’s Director of Fitness Content, who is also an author, celebrity trainer, and was featured on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser.’

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About Virdio®

Virdio is the world’s first digital fitness platform to use augmented reality (AR) and gamification to enhance your at-home workouts while connecting you to a virtual fitness community – no expensive equipment or glasses required. Designed by world-class fitness experts, Virdio workouts include AR-powered virtual equipment that gives instructors and members access to fun and exciting live and on-demand workouts accessible through any laptop or tablet device. Augment your fitness reality at  

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