Victoria Productions Launches 3D Characters Combined with AR Phonics Objects Learning Tool on Makuake

PAJU, South Korea & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARVictoria Productions Inc., an educational technology company is launching Tagme3D AR Cards and AR TOTO picture books through the Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake. These augmented reality learning tools utilize AR Phonics Objects and interactive 3D characters to teach English.

Moving beyond rote memorization in English learning, these educational tools utilize the phonics method, which teaches the regularities between English spelling and pronunciation through sound-based learning. Tagme3D AR Word Cards are augmented reality-enabled cards with a dedicated app. When scanned, users can interact with three-dimensional objects, providing a sensory experience for language learning. Moreover, they support learning in 16 languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese. The cards can be transformed into 16 languages from Japanese, enabling multilingual learning.

The AR TOTO picture books, composed of a set with the Tagme3D AR Word Card, features a combination of analog and digital technologies to create an experiential multilingual learning tool. Through a dedicated app, scanning the picture book brings the characters to life in 3D captivating graphics to encourage children’s interest and aiding in language learning.

The Makuake campaign offers a package consisting of 100 AR cards inside the Tagme3D AR Word Box and a set of 5 AR TOTO picture books. This package allows for learning various stories and words, making it suitable for households, schools, and educational facilities aiming to teach English.

Victoria Productions, known for developing educational content and mobile apps using AR/VR/MR/Metaverse technologies, is making its debut in the Japanese market through this Makuake campaign.

Supporters can contribute to the Victoria Productions’ Tagme3D AR Word Card and AR TOTO picture book campaign on the Makuake website/platform starting December 21, 2023.

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