Trivver Announces a Total of 73 US and International Patents That Will Change the Face of Advertising Effectiveness in 3D Immersive Environments.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Trivver, a California-based tech company announced today it has successfully filed a total of 73 US and international patents that greatly advance the technology and measurability of 3D digital environments and solve the convergence of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 advertising with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With the global market size for AI in marketing expected to reach over $80 billion by 2030 according to a recent report by Grand View Research, the patent awards represent significant value in a rapidly expanding market sector.

Trivver’s core product is an AI technology platform that powers augmented reality (AR) pop-up stores and allows brands to personalize, place, dynamically scale, measure and track 3D branded objects within these AR environments. Critical for today’s advertisers looking for a deeper level of consumer interaction and feedback is Trivver’s ad exchange that adapts background content and products in real-time based on the user’s demographic profile, previous brand interactions and in-experience behavior to provide consumers with a highly personalized experience. Once deployed on a smart device, Trivver’s patented data analytics technology measures a wide variety of key data points including object viewability, screen coverage and interaction metrics to provide brands with deep, actionable insights into mid-funnel activity, allowing advertisers to make more effective marketing decisions and maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Trivver’s approach to interactive branded objects within any 3D environment addresses a common issue in advertising by introducing an engaging and measurable ad format. Traditional display or video ads within immersive environments are often highly disruptive and frequently lack interactivity and detailed performance metrics, leading to limited insights into user engagement. However, Trivver’s innovative solution changes this dynamic by providing interactive 3D branded objects that are measured in an unprecedented way.

Since Trivver’s inception, Joel LaMontagne and his team have been filing and securing patents for the company’s technology and, to date, no other company has been awarded patents on viewability metrics, auto-scaling and dynamically personalizing branded advertising content in immersive advertising or gaming environments to the extent Trivver has. In total, the group has 25 US patents (22 Awarded, 3 Pending) and 48 international patents (5 Awarded, 43 Pending).

Joel LaMontagne, CEO of Trivver, said “Trivver is the first to tackle the AI challenges for digital 3D content. Trivver’s technology gives modern advertisers a simple, intuitive platform to upload 3D branded consumer products and allows for the seamless switching mid-campaign to ensure maximum flexibility and a low-cost solution for traditionally dollar-intensive campaigns. Trivver’s 3D object technology, which we deem ‘SMART Objects’ can seamlessly function across various platforms and devices, regardless of whether they belong to the traditional Web 2.0 or emerging Web 3.0 environments. We believe what we’ve developed is revolutionary for the entire advertising industry and we’re looking forward to seeing our technology drive sales while producing next level analytics for our customers.”

After strong initial demand for Trivver’s IP, the company will soon be piloting its AI advertising and analytics technology with several of the world’s leading advertising agencies and case studies will be released later this year, highlighting the extraordinary depth of the platform’s data and its impact on advertising ROI.

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Trivver is a category-defining AI analytics company that allows companies to personalize, place, analyze and track 3D branded objects within unlimited immersive environments and traditional ads in order to maximize a brand’s ROI.

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