Trinity Broadcasting Network Chooses Nyriad UltraIO Storage Platform and DigitalGlue to Safeguard Precious Content Workloads

UltraIO Storage Solution’s Performance, Resilience, and Efficiency + Simplified Use and Management = Value for Both Creatives and IT

AUSTIN, Texas & MURRIETA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nyriad® and DigitalGlue today announced that Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has chosen Nyriad UltraIO™ storage and the DigitalGlue solution as the foundation for its editorial and media asset management environment. In doing so, TBN will be able to improve the performance, resilience, and efficiency of its media production workflows while removing complex IT-centric tasks and simplifying them with a streamlined user experience. TBN can now better optimize its resources, eliminate costly post-production delays, and continue to deliver high-quality content on time and within budget.

Launched in 1973 by Christian television pioneers Paul and Jan Crouch, TBN began as one television station broadcasting a few hours of Christian programming each day to viewers throughout the Los Angeles area. In the years since, TBN has grown into a family of over thirty twenty-four-hour global networks reaching every inhabited continent with entertaining, inspirational, and life-changing programming for every family member and demographic.

The programming requirements for TBN are substantial and require a team of writers, producers, and creatives to generate fresh and engaging content that appeals to their audience. This task involves producing a wide range of television shows, documentaries, films, news programs, educational programs, and more. Additionally, TBN constantly refreshes its content to keep audiences engaged and interested, which requires a continuous stream of new ideas, scripts, and concepts. Supporting a network of this size and scope was beginning to put a strain on its aging data storage infrastructure, and it was decided that a replacement solution was required.

“Our previous tiered storage approach was complex, and the creative team indicated that many of the processes associated with it were too slow and wasted time,” said Larry Haley, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). “Together, we determined that first, the new storage solution must deliver the necessary performance for concurrent workflows and multiple editing bays. Second, resilience was crucial, as every minute of downtime costs money. Third, the system had to be able to withstand a multitude of system stressors and provide a stable experience, even during power fluctuations or outages.”

Haley added, “Bottom-line, TBN needed a storage infrastructure that could handle the demands of a high-volume editorial and media asset management environment, including live recordings for an Edit-While-Capture workflow, staging finished assets, and supporting post-processing tasks. The solution also had to accommodate 100+ users streaming at 1500 kb/s.”

After careful consideration of its current storage, as well as an exhaustive review of another nine potential solutions, the Nyriad UltraIO storage platform and DigitalGlue combined solution was found to be the most highly performant, more resilient, and dramatically more cost-effective – from both a cost of acquisition and overall TCO standpoint, than every one of the competitors.

“TBN’s content is their top priority, and we are honored to have been chosen to run their critical and valuable workloads on our solution,” said Sean Busby, President, DigitalGlue. “Nyriad UltraIO storage combined with our OS and filesystem delivers improved productivity for creatives, as well as a resilient and simplified environment that meets the highest performance requirements in a single tier.”

“Indeed, if a broadcast network’s content is not continuously available, it can result in a loss of viewership, decreased revenue, and damage to the network’s brand reputation,” said Andrew Russell, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Nyriad. “Having been chosen by TBN as the virtual backbone of their entire editorial and media asset management environment is an enviable seal of approval of which we are understandably proud.”

“DigitalGlue has had a longstanding relationship with Trinity Broadcasting Network, consistently providing top-quality products and services to meet its needs. By bringing Nyriad into the fold thereby taking the TBN solution to the next level, DigitalGlue has once again demonstrated our unwavering commitment to our clients to help them reduce costs and boost revenue through increased productivity,” concluded Busby. “This strategic collaboration further reinforces the bond between DigitalGlue and TBN, as they persistently seek and implement the most efficient and up-to-date solutions for media production workflows.”

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