Top 5 Video Editing Applications

Looking to edit your videos? Here are some of the best applications available and they work on your existing desktop!

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro ( is a professional-grade video editing software that is widely used in the film and TV industry. It offers a wide range of tools for editing, color grading, audio mixing, and graphics. It supports 4K, 8K, and VR formats, and it integrates seamlessly with other Adobe apps like Photoshop and After Effects. Its robust features, flexibility, and integration with other Adobe products make it a top choice for professionals.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X ( is Apple’s professional video editing software. It offers a unique magnetic timeline that allows for a more flexible and intuitive editing process. It also supports 360-degree video editing, HDR, and advanced color grading. Its performance is optimized for Mac, making it extremely fast and efficient. The one-time purchase price also makes it a cost-effective choice for professionals.

3. Assimilate Scratch

Scratch ( is a comprehensive digital cinema engine. It offers a wide range of post-production tools, including editing, color grading, compositing, and finishing. It supports a wide range of formats, including VR/360 and 3D. Scratch’s powerful toolset, combined with its ability to handle complex workflows, makes it a top choice for high-end film and TV production.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve ( is a powerful video editing software that is particularly known for its advanced color correction and grading tools. It also offers robust editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production tools. The software is free to use, but there’s a paid version that offers more advanced features. Its comprehensive set of tools and the fact that it’s free make it a top choice for both beginners and professionals.

Avid Media Composer

Media Composer ( Media Composer has long been considered a high-end video editing software used in the media and entertainment industry and used in every segment of movie making, television, broadcast, and streaming video. Able to handle high volumes of mixed media, Media Composer accelerates high-res, HDR, and HD editing while eliminating time-consuming media management tasks. It is available at different price points and feature capabilities.

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