TikTok & Music Sensation KTLYN Team Up with Jack in the Box and Song Candy Media to Create a Spicy Remix for the Jack Wrap Rap

By embracing KTLYN’s unique style and POV they were able to create a campaign that has generated an active comment section and has fans flocking to their nearest Jack in the Box.

SAN DIEGO & ASHEVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#communitymarketingJack in the Box (JIB) teamed up with Community Marketing Agency Song Candy Media (SCM) to create a music-forward campaign to ring in the new year with their new Jack Wraps. The Jack Wraps are a timely snack, offering Jack fans healthy-ish options (all under 400 calories) that still deliver on flavor, variety and value. The teams decided there was only one right way to celebrate this moment – with a Jack Wrap Rap on TikTok.

Jack Wraps can be ordered in Classic or Spicy. With the idea of art imitating life, the team planned to release a classic original song and a spicy remix. Last week beloved mascot Jack kicked off the campaign in a TikTok video that gives 90s nostalgia and marks the first time Jack has ever shown off his lyrical skills. Since then, the video has garnered +213K views and the comments have poured in from fans begging Jack to “pls go on tour king,” “release the song on Spotify,” and some claiming that this “fr [for real] is going to make me go buy some Jack in the Box.”

While Jack was well suited to release the classic version of the song, the JIB team knew they’d need to tap outside talent if they were to do the spicy remix justice. The team found a natural partnership with KTLYN, a rising sensation best known for her viral remix on Russ’ open verse challenge of Handsomer that drove over 27M views on TikTok alone. Like Jack, KTLYN is a San Diego native, is a long time fan of the Jack in the Box, and has her own unique style. To honor that unique style, the Song Candy Media team adapted the instrumentation of the original Jack Wrap Rap to fit KTLYN’s sonic signature. For the spicy version they quickened the tempo and replaced the smooth electric bass from the original with a more forward-facing saw wave synth bass, layered over a booming 808 sub to modernize the track. In her own words about the experience KTLYN shared, “As a San Diego native I’ve grown up enjoying Jack in the Box, so this was a fun campaign to collaborate on & I loved how Song Candy created something for me – it made it feel like a true partnership!”

The result of this natural partnership is The Jack Wrap Rap (Spicy) remix, which rivals the fan favor of the original. KTLYN’s remix just launched, but already has generated over +440K views, with over 222 comments and rising! Fans are flocking to the comments to show their love shouting, “best commercial,” “drop it on SoundCloud,” and “whelp you’ll find me at Jack in the Box tomorrow.”

Jack in the Box and Song Candy Media are changing the way quick serve restaurants are engaging their communities on TikTok by offering content that has as high of an entertainment value as it does marketing value. Christine Hunt, Cofounder of Song Candy Media commented on the campaign approach, “Jack in the Box is winning over their audience by starting with a community marketing mindset, focusing on earning attention, asking how they can add value, and giving creators a seat at the table.” As testament from the comments, likes, and shares that are pouring in on the Jack Wrap Rap campaign, this approach is appreciated and emphatically embraced by the TikTok community. Follow @ktlynraps and @jackinthebox on TikTok for more entertainment and snackable solutions that satisfy any late-night craving.


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