Threedium and Faith Tribe Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Web3 Solutions for Phygital Creation of Fashion Items

Bridging the gap between digital and physical fashion with 3D and NFTs.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, pioneering 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) platform Threedium announced an exclusive partnership with fashion platform Faith Tribe. The collaboration provides Threedium’s web 3D tools to Faith Tribe’s ecosystem members as part of a toolkit of Web3 solutions for phygital creation of fashion items. The partnership brings together the companies’ shared vision of providing fashion creators with access to innovative and industry-leading digital tools to bridge the gap between physical and digital while expanding collaboration with open-source talent and opportunities.

Together Threedium and Faith Tribe will provide the tools for creators to design and customize their digital and physical fashion assets and mint them as NFTs. Faith Tribe will also enable designers to create and submit new original designs for access to Faith Connexion’s extensive design, manufacturing, marketing and commerce platforms.

“The new tools available to our industry make it possible for designers to better plan for their buying meetings, to build collections with circularity in mind and to authenticate ownership of their creations. At Faith Tribe we aim to democratize access to physical and digital tools to empower fashion creators. Threedium is the ideal partner in our journey, as they continue to democratize access to tools for the creation and distribution of 3D and AR experiences,” said Andrea Abrams, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe.

“We are building a user-friendly web3 toolkit for the creator economy and what we have in common with Faith Tribe is allowing creative talent to design and sell beautiful phygital brands and products easily and at scale,” said Mike Charalambous, Co-founder and CEO of Threedium. “Our leading 3D Commerce Engine is rapidly becoming the backbone of everything 3D for brands in fashion & luxury as they are creating infrastructures to distribute their immersive digital content and power their web3 commerce channels.”

The Faith Tribe and Threedium partnership will help fashion creators access best-in-class digital tools for the creation of digital sampling, digital twinning, and immersive e-commerce tools revolutionizing and optimizing the fashion production and marketing processes today, while also expanding collaboration with other creators in the Faith Tribe community. When asked how he would characterize Faith Tribe’s guiding principle, Wahid Chammas, Co-founder, said, “We are passionate about our mission of bringing Web3 technology to the fashion industry and want to teach our ecosystem participants how to utilize the advances in technology to empower their creative decisions and to better market themselves.”

2023 will be the year of interoperability among Web3 and brands entering the metaverse. Threedium and Faith Tribe are bringing communities together to provide the best ecosystem for designers and creatives to make use of the future of technology—allowing anyone access to create and produce fashion in both the physical and digital worlds.

About Threedium

Threedium is a 3D engine. We believe that democratizing the creation and distribution of 3D and AR experiences represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people buy and sell products.

Threedium’s technology enables the digitization of physical products that can be sold as 3D NFTs and fulfilled in their physical form or in the metaverse as digital goods. Threedium provides enterprise customers with a low-code 3D engine allowing any brand to build immersive 3D and AR experiences and distribute them across omnichannel, display networks, eCommerce and virtual stores in the metaverse.

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About Faith Tribe

Faith Tribe is a platform and ecosystem devoted to open-sourcing fashion talent and unlocking opportunities for fashion creators and independent fashion businesses. Participants will be able to access a Web2 ecosystem enabled by Web3 technology for on-chain activities, using Faith Tribe’s dual chain token $FTRB launched on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Created by the owners of fashion brand Faith Connexion, Faith Tribe lets creators design and customize digital and physical fashion assets, mint them into NFTs, and create and submit original designs for access to Faith Connexion’s extensive design, manufacturing, marketing and commerce ecosystem. Faith Tribe’s mission is to develop a global creator ecosystem and inclusive, open environment for the successful creation, trading, distribution and monetization of user-generated fashion item designs.

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Michael Toner from Threedium

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