The Importance of Video Production in the Corporate World

Nowadays, video marketing is quite in trend. However, it can be rightly said that the future has arrived. More than 60 % of businesses have started video content marketing and most of them feel that video marketing is an integral part of their strategy. Videos have a large reach and if properly made, they can go viral quite quickly.

Corporate video

Many businesses are still in the process of incorporating video production as part of their strategy, for example, corporate video production in Chicago endeavors are an essential part of communicating with your customers or clients, new product or service announcements, employee training, and product or service updates.

If you have been searching for the right service, Soflo studio is the best video production company for you. It is the perfect fit and will help you customize and develop the right video for your requirements.

Hence your videos should be of top quality as the success or failure of your business relies on this factor. If you’re just incorporating this technique, it is of utmost importance that you hire a company that has enough experience and expertise to produce high-quality videos.

Reasons to consider using videos to promote your business

Videos are extremely cost-effective and convenient to produce than before, as it is much easier to get your point across to the audience as well as provide valuable information. This option is extremely versatile when it comes to promoting your company, its products, and services.

Videos allow you to share more than text, especially when more than one social media channels are concerned. Videos engage your target audience up to 250 % more by generating more exposure as they build a strong online and offline corporate presence.

Videos can also enhance your company image by sharing more about your company’s personality and self. They also create interest in your company by using graphics and images.

Advantages of using videos

Videos can help boost up your sales:  A product or service video can increase conversions by more than 50 % on your landing page. Studies have also proven that videos directly contribute to sales as 80 % of the people who watch a specific video about a product or a service, end up purchasing it.

Videos bring trust: The completely content marketing concept is dependent on trust and faith. It is important to ban selling illegal products and allow people to appear to you with useful and interesting information.

Videos show excellent ROI: Many companies say that videos provide a good return of investment, even though it is not the cheapest option, it pays off. On the bright side, online video editing tools and applications are becoming more and more affordable each day and you can make amazing videos on your smartphones.


It is essential to look at the experience and quality of the videos that the video production company has developed over the years. It is best to work with a company like Soflo studio that has excellent previous experience of working with diverse industries.

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