The Colombian Video Game Industry Stands Out: A Look at Its Growth, Opportunities, and International Recognition

  • Colombian professionals have the potential to lead the video game industry in the region, solidifying the country as a hub for development in the sector.
  • Atari, Cartoon Network, MGM, and Disney Interactive Studios believe in the creative potential of the Colombian video game industry and are investing in local companies.
  • The Government is driving the internationalization of the Colombian video game industry and fostering a promising market for international publishers.

BOGOTÁ, Colombia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The country is emerging as a major player in the video game industry, with over 80 companies working on different platforms and technologies such as Android, Steam, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation, and Nintendo. These companies are collaborating with international giants like Atari, Cartoon Network, MGM, and Disney Interactive Studios. The quality of production, strong work capabilities, quick adoption of new technologies, and the creativity displayed in the games have led these companies to recognize the potential of the Colombian industry. The artistic quality, innovative mechanics, captivating narratives, and impressive music of these products make them a highly attractive combination for any investor in the sector.

The level of productions with new original IPs is exceptionally high. Timba Games, with their title Arcanepunk, presents a modern reinterpretation of the breakout genre, taking block-breaking to new levels of fun. R-Next developed Aniquilation, a multiplayer twin-stick shooter action game set on small planets, available on PC and consoles like Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, utilizing the Unity engine. Mad Bricks created Ekko: Occlude The Void, a mobile puzzle game with a strong Colombian influence that challenges players’ wit and spatial understanding, standing out for its musical composition, graphic art, and intelligent gameplay design.

To coproduce with local entrepreneurs and leverage this exceptional creative capacity, not only have true industry giants like Atari, Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive Studios, and MGM arrived in the country, but also renowned leaders like Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., Square Enix, and Modus Games.

The decision to choose Colombia and its entrepreneurs as strategic partners has proven to be a valuable one for leading multinational companies in the sector. Unity has opened offices in Risaralda, Pereira, arguing that the country’s privileged location facilitates visits to clients in various countries across the continent and enables coverage of time zones worldwide, enhancing the exercise of their regional operations. PikPok acquired Wizard Fun Factory, an independent game development studio based in Medellín, Antioquia, known for creating immersive high-quality experiences for mobile, web, and VR/AR. Jam City, a prominent studio for Hollywood with mobile game developments centered around brands like Harry Potter, Family Guy, Marvel’s The Avengers, and Futurama, acquired the assets and workforce of the Colombian company Brainz, including their award-winning action strategy game, World War Doh, which received Apple’s Best of 2017 award in the Tech and Innovation category, as well as the Best In Show: Audience Choice award at the 2017 Casual Connect USA conference. It is worth mentioning that titles like Captain Toonhead vs. the Punks from Outer Space, World War Doh, El Chavo Kart, Decoherence, and Cris Tales have also been internationally recognized.

Local developers are characterized by their self-taught spirit, high work capacity, industry experience, and rapid adoption of new technologies. Colombia boasts over 145,000 professionals with the potential to work in the sector and seven universities with specialized programs. The number of graduates in software & IT fields has doubled since 2010, demonstrating the country’s commitment to talent development for the industry.

According to the Labor Observatory of the Ministry of Education, between 2010 and 2021, 75,856 professionals graduated in systems engineering, 22,700 in graphic design, 15,394 in multimedia production, 3,035 in visual arts, 931 in sound engineering, and 510 in video game design, along with 15,541 in systems technology and 2,291 in 3D animation, from more than 7 universities and educational centers with specialized academic programs.

Colombia draws strength from these specialized professionals in the sector and is clearly undergoing a process of growth and consolidation in the video game industry. Colombian developers and creators have succeeded in establishing globally recognized companies, such as Dreams Uncorporated, an independent studio with an extensive track record, renowned for its inventiveness, originality, and talent in creating unique games with distinctive mechanics and art. Teravision Games, a game development studio based in Bogotá, has had experience since its inception in 2006 and has developed games for leading companies in the industry such as Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., Atari, Disney, and Nickelodeon. There’s also Mad Bricks, a studio known for its innovation, talent, and dedication to creating high-quality projects, spanning different areas encompassing game development and audiovisual content, offering exciting and engaging experiences in their products. These companies are a clear example of the quality and potential of the Colombian video game industry.

These creators from small and medium-sized enterprises, who provide employment and well-being, are key players in the development of human capital, achieving social equity, contributing to economic growth, and reducing inequality. That’s why the National Government is committed to the sector and, through ProColombia, is working on its internationalization hand in hand with private sector actors such as IGDA Colombia and COVA, recognizing that the human capital behind the video game industry is its main asset. Colombia sees itself as a great opportunity for international game publishers and buyers.

Discover the opportunities Colombia offers in the Video Game sector here.


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