The City of Ipswich Drives Citywide Transformation with BriefCam Video Analytics

BriefCam’s Video Content Analytics Platform empowers Ipswich City
Council and local law enforcement to enhance safety and maximize

the industry’s leading provider of Video Synopsis® and Deep Learning
solutions, today announced that the City
of Ipswich
has been leveraging BriefCam’s innovative and
comprehensive video analytics platform to advance its Safe City

To drive economic prosperity, enhance quality of life and facilitate
connectivity in Ipswich, the city council is embracing new technologies
and approaches, such as video surveillance, to increase public safety
and support law enforcement. By implementing BriefCam’s Video Content
Analytics platform, the city has achieved optimized productivity,
reduced time-to-target in investigations and increased data-driven
intelligence, maximizing their video resources for the benefit of the
city council, residents and business owners.

“BriefCam’s intuitive technology allows us to do fast reviews and
provide intelligence to police, so they can further their investigations
and operations,” said Larry Waite, Ipswich Safe City and Corporate
Security Manager. “What would normally take an hour and a half to two
hours to review, now takes five to six minutes. Long term, the more we
use it, the more efficient our time is going to be.” By aggregating
video data over time, BriefCam helps users uncover trends and patterns
for driving operational efficiency, visualizing the information in easy
to consume data analytics dashboards.

BriefCam’s state-of-the-art technology accelerates video review and
incident response by transforming video data into searchable,
quantifiable and actionable intelligence. The technology analyzes video
to detect, track, extract and identify people and objects that appear,
driving security enablement and operational decision making. The ability
to watch hours of video in minutes – sometimes even seconds – enables
public safety and law enforcement operators to reinforce investigations
with video evidence, understand developing situations in real-time,
pinpoint objects and people of interest in video and unlock the full
value of video surveillance investments.

“The City of Ipswich embodies the values at the heart of every
forward-thinking city, and BriefCam is thrilled to be a part of their
success,” said Stephanie Weagle, BriefCam chief marketing officer. “By
empowering the City of Ipswich to accelerate investigations, improve
situational awareness and derive operational intelligence, BriefCam is
enabling the city to extend the value of their video surveillance
investments and advance their Safe City initiatives. We are excited to
see how the city continues to thrive and evolve as it harnesses further
video data for actionable insight.”

Read more about how the City of Ipswich is advancing their safe city
initiatives with BriefCam here.

About BriefCam
BriefCam is the industry’s leading provider
of Video Synopsis® and Deep Learning solutions for rapid video review
and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video
insights. By transforming raw video into actionable intelligence,
BriefCam dramatically shortens the time-to-target for security threats
while increasing safety and optimizing operations. BriefCam’s
award-winning products are deployed by law enforcement and public safety
organizations, government and transportation agencies, major
enterprises, healthcare and educational institutions, and local
communities worldwide.

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