Taqtile Work-Instruction Platform Modernizes Inspection Processes Through Digitization

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The days of a cumbersome, paper-based approach to inspections, audits, and quality checks is over. Routine but critical processes like inspections are benefiting from advanced applications such as the augmented reality (AR) enabled work-instruction platform, Manifest®, from Taqtile. The Manifest enterprise SaaS platform is digitizing complex inspection processes, delivering more accountable methods for tracking inspection results and data, and enabling efficient resolution processes.

The need for on-site inspections of all types – maintenance, compliance, quality, regulatory, production, safety – is a critical factor to ensure the ongoing operation and performance of companies in the industrial sector. With Manifest, organizations and their deskless workers can access a consistent, traceable system via iPad or head mounted display for tracking any step of an inspection of a specific piece of equipment or facility.

Inspection processes conducted with Manifest, whether at a single plant or facilities around the world, generate valuable data that can be analyzed in reports, or archived for compliance or future review. Key components of the Manifest system include built-in fault reporting, capturing of completion evidence, and creation of detailed work logs. Manifest fault reports can also integrate with other enterprise applications to initiate review and resolution processes for compliance and continuous improvement initiatives.

The availability of real-time expert guidance through the Manifest platform is of paramount importance for ensuring the gathered data is consistent and reliable. With Manifest, 3D content can be overlayed on equipment to highlight the precise location of issues or areas of concern. Pictures and videos can even be captured then viewed remotely by experts to better assist frontline workers. See-what-I-see video can also be shared in real-time to facilitate remote collaboration with organization experts.

“Manifest enables organizations to institute new levels of accountability for critical inspections,” said Kelly Malone, chief customer officer, Taqtile. “Antiquated paper-based processes for conducting inspections are full of holes, prone to mistakes, and lack the ability to be reliably tracked, making inspection digitization a strategic priority for many of our customers.”

A growing number of global organizations have implemented policies to protect employees by conducting inspections of the sanitary conditions in communal areas such as meeting rooms, lobbies, break rooms, and dining areas. The ability to generate consistent, reliable data worldwide in these spaces can be challenging based upon geography, cultural differences that impact the designs of communal areas, and the level of training for individuals conducting inspections. These variables make the need for the high level of guided work instruction Manifest provides paramount.

Repetitive yet critical processes similar to inspections also benefit from digitization via the Manifest platform. For example, the processes of conducting audits, compliance assessments, and quality checks benefit from Manifest as well. These procedures can be completed more accurately and more consistently across teams and geographies. Any issues identified during the completion of these routines can be flagged and tracked for immediate or future resolution, and results and evidence of completion are captured and stored in a uniform format that is easily archived and reviewed.

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Seattle-based Taqtile is revolutionizing how deskless workers do their jobs. Taqtile exists to empower and equip people with the tools they need to complete their jobs flawlessly, accurately, every time. By leveraging proven technologies, including augmented reality, 3D visualization, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile’s Manifest platform empowers deskless workers to complete complex tasks more efficiently, completely, and safely than ever before. Taqtile is the 2020 Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner of the Year and a proud member of Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” list in 2021. For more information on Taqtile and Manifest, please visit www.taqtile.com.


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