Taqtile Reimagines AR-Enabled Work Instructions on iPad to Meet Growing Global Demand

Updated Manifest Enterprise Platform for iPad Available Now

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Taqtile, Inc., the leader in augmented reality (AR)-based work instruction solutions, announced today that it has dramatically improved the performance and usability of its Manifest® enterprise platform for iPad to meet growing global demand. This update includes a reimagined user interface and the ability to manage and complete jobs across teams. With iPad’s versatility and intuitive, familiar interface, combined with availability of a broad range of accessories for enterprise-level use, the advanced AR-enabled capabilities of Manifest make an ideal tool for delivering work instructions to a growing number of deskless workers across the globe.

Manifest enhancements enable deskless workers in government, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, energy, utility, transportation, aerospace, and pharmaceutical sectors to better use the app as a core enabler of their work instruction strategies. Common implementations include:

  • Capturing and digitizing video of experts performing procedures to train future employees,
  • Completion of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) procedures,
  • In situ access to detailed diagrams, digital twins, and other indispensable instructions for completion of complex tasks.

“The new Manifest for iPad UX makes accessing and using the software’s functions easier than ever,” said Austin Coglianese, Manufacturing Augmented Reality Trainer, Fastenal. “Manifest for iPad allows us to utilize more videos, schematics, and instructions simultaneously, which is a major benefit to Fastenal’s machinists on the shop floor.”

Updates to the Manifest app for iPad are designed to deliver a scalable solution for AR-enabled work instructions for deskless workers. The enhanced app is built with Apple’s Swift programming language and uses the ARKit framework to create immersive AR experiences, leveraging the portability of iPad. New features include:

  • Streamlined workflows of step-by-step instructions to make it easier to preview a procedure for individual jobs, view the status of particular jobs, and review completed tasks on iPad.
  • One-tap toggling between viewing step-by-step instructions and AR content, such as spatially anchored guidance and 3D models, leveraging more of the iPad display for enhanced viewing.
  • Ability to quickly swipe between photos, videos, PDF documents, and other reference materials that workers use to complete tasks accurately and consistently.
  • Larger action buttons for common activities including submitting photos, videos, and signoffs of completed steps and tasks.
  • Capability to assign procedures to individuals or teams so that tasks and work can be shared across groups.

“iPad is a strategically important device for enterprise, government, healthcare, and defense customers worldwide, offering an exceptionally scalable solution for capturing and delivering essential AR-enabled work instructions,” said John Tomizuka, CTO, Taqtile. “Taqtile will continue to support iPad with new, more advanced Manifest capabilities that will enable deskless workers to better do their jobs.”

Manifest for iPad can be downloaded here.

About Taqtile

Seattle-based Taqtile is revolutionizing how deskless workers do their jobs. Taqtile exists to empower and equip people with the tools they need to complete their jobs flawlessly, accurately, every time. By leveraging proven technologies, including augmented reality, 3D visualization, and real-time collaborative communication, Taqtile’s Manifest platform empowers deskless workers to complete complex tasks more efficiently, completely, and safely than ever before. Taqtile is the 2020 Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner of the Year and a proud member of Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” list for three consecutive years (2021, 2022, and 2023). For more information on Taqtile and Manifest, please visit https://taqtile.com/.


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