SuperWorld Partners with Tilia to Power its Digital Economy

Introduces monetization of virtual real estate and its SuperWorldX currency

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SuperWorld, the virtual world mapped onto the real world and Tilia, the leading payment platform for digital creator economies, announced a strategic partnership that introduces SuperWorld’s new in-game currency SuperWorldX (SWX), turning on monetization features for its virtual real estate in real world locations and offering a plethora of benefits to SuperWorld users.

SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR), digitally mapped over the surface of the Earth. Plots of SuperWorld land are represented as digital assets corresponding to real-world space. Owners of SuperWorld virtual real estate can activate monetization from ticket sales, digital commerce, e-commerce, advertising and gaming on their virtual real estate properties. Any user in SuperWorld can explore and create AR content, engage in the virtual real estate marketplace, create and share digital assets that unlock real-world utility or build digital twins of their physical property.

“SuperWorld is a gateway for mainstream users to benefit from the power of all the new technologies that are transforming our world. Our mission is to build a virtual world that enhances people’s real lives and with the purpose of positively impacting Earth,” said Hrish Lotlikar, CEO of SuperWorld. “Our partnership with Tilia will help us power our digital economy in SuperWorld and enable our SuperCitizens to buy and sell virtual items and services seamlessly.”

The Tilia integration enables virtual real estate owners in SuperWorld to earn SuperWorldX from ticket sales to live sports, concerts and theater events from their partnership with SI Tickets by Sports Illustrated, which will enable them to receive cash for accumulated in-world currency.

Users in SuperWorld can also earn the in-world currency SuperWorldX for taking actions including buying virtual real estate, creating and sharing content, creating business profiles, digital twins, and daily prizes for visits to the map.

SuperWorldX will also enable users to engage with brands they love and to enable peer to peer commerce.

‘We are pleased to support SuperWorld and their unique business model,” said Brad Oberwager, CEO of Tilia LLC. “Tilia was built to provide the customization necessary for the many different virtual, creator-based economies that are being launched every day.”


SuperWorld is the virtual world mapped onto the real world, allowing users to create, discover and monetize content (3D, 2D, audio) in augmented reality and live and virtual events. SuperWorld’s virtual real estate platform allows users to buy plots of virtual real estate mapped onto real-world locations anywhere in the world, activate monetization from content and events and become a key stakeholder on our platform anywhere on Earth. SuperWorld’s mission is to enhance people’s real lives and to leverage metaverse technologies (immersive tech, web3 and AI) to improve the physical world and benefit humanity.

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About Tilia

Tilia LLC is the all-in-one payments platform for digital economies. Through its payments infrastructure technology and as a licensed money transmitter in the U.S., Tilia is unlocking the full potential of online economies by providing secure, regulated transactions at massive scale.

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