Strivr Advances Enterprise VR Adoption with 2M Training Experiences Launched

Expands customer deployments and optimizes platform with new AI-driven advancements

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Strivr, the leading platform for enterprise-scale Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, announced it has achieved an industry record-setting milestone reaching over 2 million VR training experiences launched across its customer base. This achievement is fueled by a growing roster of enterprise customers doubling down on VR for employee training and development, along with AI-driven advancements to further optimize the company’s platform and accelerate enterprise adoption at scale.

New device options coming to market have created a resurgence of attention in the enterprise adoption of immersive tech. It’s added validation for the predicted $700 billion market expected to leverage VR and AR in coming years. In fact, the impact of VR is already being realized by enterprises today as it increasingly replaces traditional learning methods to drive tangible business value, specifically in areas that involve high risk and/or high expense.

With significant innovation taking place across the ecosystem of immersive tech, we are truly witnessing the cheaper, lighter, faster era of VR,” said Derek Belch, CEO at Strivr. “In parallel, business leaders continue to grapple with upskilling and reskilling their workforce, while figuring out how to do more with less. With VR becoming more accessible than ever given new hardware options, premium content offerings, and new AI advancements, we can address these challenges today by elevating performance of both the workforce and the bottom line.”

In partnership with Strivr, customers such as Australian supermarket giant, Woolworths, have doubled-down on their usage of VR to provide critical immersive training experiences. With its deployment of VR to over 40,000 team members, Woolworths is working with Strivr and content studio, Start Beyond, to most notably address employee and customer safety through immersive de-escalation training. Additionally, Strivr and its customers continue to be recognized as part of Brandon Hall’s Excellence Awards Program highlighting innovations including measuring learning effectiveness and enhancing skills via virtual training environments.

Strivr is also furthering its vision to advance immersive learning through the use of Generative AI. This includes investing in the use of large language models (LLMs) to accelerate the content creation process, as well as developing AI-driven experiences for more dynamic skills development. Most notably, the development of Strivr AI-driven Conversations will allow customers to include dynamic dialogue in their training experiences and establish unique role play and learn-by-doing functionality. This offering will provide more tailored, personalized, and realistic conversations for the individual learner, while ensuring consistent training outcomes across the aggregate learner population to elevate workforce performance.

With its end-to-end platform offering that provides hands-on training in a 3D immersive environment, Strivr has pioneered the deployment of enterprise VR at scale. The solution is now proven in leading retailers, banks, and manufacturing companies,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. “As a device-agnostic platform, Strivr is likely to stay ahead of the curve in the industry, and looks to lead the way with its use of Generative AI – from accelerating content development to the efficacy of interactive virtual experiences.”

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