Streamer Clix Picks the Top Ten ’22 Super Halloween Costumes for Grown-ups (& Kids)

Video Guidance Guru Offers Top Choices for Screaming Streaming & Movie Parties

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ClixAustinButler–From Dragon jockeys to Top Guns, Marilyn to Elvis, Pinocchio to Minions, Black Adam to She Hulk, Halloween 2022 is finally the action-packed year to rip off your medical mask and transform into your favorite streaming and movie-going character. Video guidance guru Clix offers up the best of the binge batch for this year’s costume consideration. Our top ten…

  1. Black Adam – Be DC’s strongest metahuman on earth… the Rock in tights with a lightning bolt on your chest and eight-pack abs. You’ve got a couple weeks…GO! In theaters Oct. 21.
  2. Top Gun: Maverick – Break out your flight suit and baseball cap and go Halloween Cruise-ing. In Theaters and PPV.
  3. Blonde – Shake out the blonde Marilyn wig and glamorous gown… and practice your sexiest “Happy birthday Mr. President!” Stream on Netflix.
  4. Pinocchio – The nose knows. Brace for a Halloween adventure with an extra-long proboscis. You’ll be the coolest… No lie. Watch on Disney+.
  5. Elvis – is in the haunted house! Tune up, you scary Hound Dawg! Stream @HBOMax.
  6. House of the Dragon – A long white wig transforms you into Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen or Daemon Targaryen. Either way you’re flying high for Halloween. Stream @HBOMax.
  7. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law – For all you Marvel-ous lawyers perplexed over Halloween costumes, go for the green! Binge on Disney+.
  8. The Woman King – You know you’re royal. Now grab a spear and grimace. You’re Nanisca/Viola Davis, the warrior woman who would be king. Streaming on Roku now.
  9. Minions – Yellow is the new black for Halloween. You and your spouse can costume together this year. Talk in Minion gibberish to avoid neighbors. Binge on Peacock.
  10. Hocus Pocus 2 – BOO!!! Party like its 1682 in Salem. Be a child-hungry Sanderson sister witch. Don the Buck teeth, broom – and wreak Halloween havoc!! Stream on Disney+.

BONUS Costume Tip: James Bond – 007 @60. The superspy franchise is a whopping 60 years old and even your parents and kids will get who-you-are when you Tux-up! Watch ‘em all on Amazon Prime Video.

“With so many people sequestered for so long because of the pandemic, it’s truly time to find the emotional balance that storytelling and social gatherings offer to keep us sane and smiling this Halloween and all through the holiday season,” said Dr. Karen Dean Fritts, PhD, LMFT. “With every Halloween we can enjoy new ways of celebrating our creativity on screens big and small – and at costume parties that play to our expansive social imagination, which lets us choose a streaming alias for one spooky night!”

“We’re ready for America and the world to declare streaming party time!” said Clix founder and CEO Ed Sullivan. “Sure, we’ll wear masks but it’s more likely to be our Top Ten Minion or film killer Mike Myers from the bloody Halloween franchise this year then that paper med-mask that fogs your glasses.” Adds Clix content boss and co-founder Patricia Sullivan, “Our Clix team researched all the major streaming services to see what’s trending as we approach Halloween costume parties. And we surveyed our staff, our producers and Clix entertainment consumers to choose the Clix Top Ten of 2022.”

“My vote went to Clix Bonus Costume choice Bond…James Bond, especially star Sean Connery as the first 007 in the earliest of the 25 superspy films, which we’re guiding our audience to on Amazon Prime Video,” said Clix Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder Stacy Jolna. “2022 is our break-out Halloween party year for so many reasons, including that Clix soared past eleven million registered video fans since our first Clix Top Ten Streaming Costume Picks for Halloween last year.”

“Storytelling is the human need to communicate our shared lived experiences,” said Dr. Fritts. “And that’s what the celebration of those fantastic streaming and theatrical characters is all about. Let the Halloween parties begin…”

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Clix Leadership Team

Edward M. Sullivan is Clix founder and CEO. He is a recipient of multiple Emmy and Telly Awards for his entertainment industry marketing and branding as head of Pittard-Sullivan, which launched and re-launched over 200 channels worldwide, including CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery Communications, and DirecTV. Sullivan was a catalyst in driving viewers to specific programs and networks for distributors, studios, content creators, and advertisers. His company also worked closely with Jolna on developing the brand and network-like interface for personal video recorder company TiVo and Microsoft’s WebTV.

Stacy Jolna, founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is the recipient of multiple News & Documentary Emmy Awards, the Cannes Lion and the Peabody Award. He has stood at the crossroads of media and technology for three decades. As a founding executive team member of TiVo, another successful industry disrupter, Jolna helped propel the company from concept to successful IPO and billion dollar market capitalization. He served as Chief Marketing Officer building the iconic TiVo brand and running point on investments by nearly every major media company. He served as SVP and General Manager of News Corp/TV Guide’s Digital TV Group. A successful broadcast journalism executive prior to going digital, at Time Warner/CNN he was Senior V.P. and Senior Executive Producer for Special Reports and launched award-winning “CNN Presents.”

Patricia Sullivan, founder and Chief Creative Officer, is an award-winning entertainment industry entrepreneur who built several production and post-production companies from concept to multi-million dollar exits. A veteran Hollywood producer, her innovative productions helped launch networks and TV shows globally. Patricia has created movie trailers driving opening weekend box office revenues beyond the $100 million mark for studios such as Disney. Patricia’s work has been honored with top awards including ATAS (Emmy), NY Film Festival, Monitor, Belding, BDA, Houston Film Festival, Gracie and Telly.


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