Storykit Releases Video AI for Enterprises: “This is a Game Changer”

Product descriptions converting into full-funnel video marketing campaigns. Blog archives transforming into an SEO powerhouses on YouTube. Within minutes.

“That’s precisely what our new video AI enables. It’s a game changer,” says Peder Bonnier, CEO and founder of Storykit.

STOCKHOLM, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since its launch in 2018, Storykit has attracted over 1,000 customers, including Dun & Bradstreet, Glencore, and BKS Bank, that utilize Storykit’s video creator to produce videos with high pace, high volume, and high quality. The Sweden-based SaaS company now introduces an AI solution that further enhances production speed while maintaining user control over video creation.

“Input any source material into the tool, choose which output you want – then you’re done. This means that video creation is no longer a specialized role but a task anyone can do,” says Peder Bonnier, CEO and founder of Storykit.

What sets Storykit apart is its text-based video process.

“The vast majority of all video views on social media have for a long time happened without sound, making text-driven videos predisposed for success. By leveraging text, we empower anyone within an organization to create videos, as writing skills are more common than video editing expertise,” says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO and founder of Storykit.

Storykit utilizes AI’s proven strength in understanding text when it approaches video creation. This means that Storykit supercharges the video creation process by matching text with images and clips to create complete videos that don’t compromise brand integrity.

“We’ve ensured that Storykit provides high-quality output and that the AI won’t confabulate content. As a result, users can trust that their messaging remains on-brand since their videos are based on their own input,” says Fredrik Strömberg.

To introduce the new AI solution to the market, Storykit is releasing a free version of the tool.

“This brings us much closer to our vision of enabling video for everything, video for everyone,” says Peder Bonnier.

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