Award-winning online math program innovates with tech-enabled interactions, research-based methods, and real-time teaching by certified educators

SAN MATEO, Calif., Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VISPARK, an online education service from Spark Education Group featuring small-group and interactive classes for preschool and elementary school students, was recently awarded the Gold Medal Award from Parent and Teacher Choice Award for 2023. The evaluation team recognized Spark Math as the winner based on the criteria of brain-based learning, creativity, innovation, and fun. This is one of the most recognized international awards featuring products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance at home and in the school environment.

Teaching and Learning Lead of Spark Math in the U.S.A, Gigi Carunungan, Ed.D, said, “The Parent and Teacher Choice Award is a distinctive honor that means so much to the Spark Education family. As we strive to perpetually improve, we constantly prioritize students and their learning experience. Spark Education Group has over 1,000 Product and Engineering Center employees and over 100 teachers in the Curriculum and Teaching department who are dedicated to producing the most practical for real-life, most fun and interactive, and most effective math learning classes.”

Parent and Teacher Choice Award organizer, Pat Wyman, commented that Spark Math is unique and ahead of its time with each of their classes designed around real-life stories where a math problem emerges. Animations and storylines are included so students are drawn into the challenge. “Spark Math is an innovative math learning program using proven brain-based learning and includes gamification to teach math concepts and more. We appreciate the personalization and small group of 4-6 students’ instruction methods as well as the comprehensive feedback and various reward systems that keep students motivated and engaged,” said Wyman.

The Spark Math curriculum is primarily modeled after the best-in-class math learning methods including Singapore Math techniques and aligns with US Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics & Singapore Ministry of Education curriculum standards. The program combines some of the best proven math teaching methods globally to deepen students’ understanding of mathematics and its applications, including Singapore Math’s CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach, Polya’s four-step problem-solving process, a heuristic method of teaching, and a transfer of learning approach.

Michael James Hall, a parent at VISPARK, commented, “As a parent of three kids, who are all studying Spark Math, they are driven by the culture VISPARK created that allows self-growth in teaching with technology and interactive cutting-edge courseware. We are glad to see they are proactive in math learning and enjoying it very much. We can easily track their progress through study reports after each class.”

Alex Vang, Spark Math Teacher, said, “It is an honor to be part of an award-winning program. When I’m teaching at VISPARK, I feel like I have the most profound effect on my students’ learning because of the spotlight classes and the highly interactive courseware. When our students are having a hard time understanding a new concept, I’m able to effectively help them by using the built-in teaching tools to either pull them aside or highlight certain important parts of the problem. This really helps ease the learning process in the online setting and makes it fluid when we’re teaching in the online classroom.”


VISPARK is a global online learning service from Spark Education Group. Designed for children aged 5-12, VISPARK’s top programs include Spark Math and Spark Chinese, featuring research-based curriculum delivered with high-quality course content, interactive courseware, and taught in real-time by certified, experienced teachers. VISPARK is committed to providing a lively, fun, and efficient learning experience for kids through online live small group classes and one-on-one instruction to achieve learning results, inspire a love for learning, and build self-confidence for learners.

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