Space Capital’s “The GEOINT Playbook” Explores the Vast Economic Potential of This Emerging Space Technology

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Space Capital, a venture capital firm focused on the space economy, is today releasing “The GEOINT Playbook,” a new market research report for investors on the emerging economic opportunities in the multi-billion-dollar geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) market.

The GEOINT Playbook provides an in-depth analysis of the geospatial intelligence market, which is expected to more than double in size over the next five years, reaching an economic value of $147.6 billion. The report includes analysis of GEOINT’s technological capabilities, growth potential, current and future market opportunities, and its strong value to investors as a countercyclical investment opportunity.

“This new report provides a roadmap for investors who are interested in understanding GEOINT, which is one of the most compelling opportunities in the emerging space economy,” said Chad Anderson, Founder and Managing Partner of Space Capital. “Looking forward, we see tremendous opportunity for companies that are building GEOINT products to deliver integrated business intelligence and real-time automations based on a variety of specialized user experiences. As enterprises and governments increasingly rely on geospatial intelligence to make decisions and automate operations, the underlying technologies will form next-generation digital infrastructure that serves as an ‘invisible backbone’ to power our global economy.”

Key issues covered in the report:

  • A Fundamental Shift in Accessibility: GEOINT is evolving from a field dominated by mapping experts and geospatial consultants into a commercially available toolset that integrates seamlessly into existing workstreams and enables the development of highly specialized end-user applications. This new accessibility is being driven by innovation across three distinct technology layers: (1) Infrastructure, the geospatial sensor platforms that capture data at different altitudes (ex: small satellites, drones); (2) Distribution, the technology used to structure, process, analyze, and disseminate geospatial information (ex: the cloud, AI/ML , APIs and SDKs); and (3) Applications, specialized hardware or software that harnesses geospatial data to address industry and customer-specific needs.
  • Massive Growth Potential: There are currently over 280 types of data in demand across a broad customer base, with only 10-15 available today. In the Applications layer alone, we are witnessing the birth of a new market that could exceed the $36 billion Location-Based Services (i.e., GPS) market. Because GEOINT provides essential information to enterprises and governments in times of uncertainty, it is less prone to revenue declines during risk-off environments in the broader markets, making it countercyclical and resilient to macro market conditions.
  • Future Opportunities: The next evolution of geospatial companies will look and feel more like developer tools and deep tech companies, focused on the power of computing and AI/ML. A seemingly infinite number of venture-scale businesses are now being built in multi-trillion-dollar global industries like Agriculture, Insurance, Climate Markets, and Augmented Reality.

The GEOINT Playbook is the third in a series of investor research reports by Space Capital (see also: “The SatCom Playbook,” “The GPS Playbook”) that explore the future market potential of key space technologies. Space Capital also produces the closely watched Space Investment Quarterly report.


Space Capital is a New York-based venture capital firm investing in the space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in space technology stacks such as GPS, Geospatial Intelligence, and Satellite Communications. We are actively investing out of our third fund with $100 million under management. Our partners have built rockets, satellites, and operating systems. We have founded companies with assets currently in space and have led multiple exits as operators. We have been pioneering investment in this category for nearly 10 years. Our experience as investors and operators enables us to be a true partner to our portfolio companies and unlock significant value beyond capital. Learn more at


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