Songtools Launches One-Click Ad Tool For Artists

SongTools, the company behind the leading music discovery platform for artists & playlists, proudly introduces SongFly, a one-click advertising tool to help artists grow their fanbase on streaming platforms. The ad tool’s launch out of beta follows on the heels of the company’s $3M funding round aimed at powering a complete overhaul of traditional music marketing.

SongFly is an easy-to-use solution that empowers artists to launch ad campaigns, complete with beautiful visuals for their tracks in just one click–simply choosing the social media platform where they want the promotions to appear. SongFly takes care of the rest, stitching in the artist’s cover art and music and executing and optimizing the entire ad campaign. 

“SongTools’ mission has always been to help artists grow. In 2024, that means helping artists with the entire marketing funnel, not just playlists” says Danny Garcia, SongTools Co-founder and CEO. “In less than 1 year, we’ve run fan-building ad campaigns for close to 3,000 different artists, and delivered +500K new fans to artists across all genres -We’re thrilled to open the doors of SongFly to any artist or label eager to engage with new fans.”

Before expanding its music promotion tools, SongTools revolutionized the process of pitching tracks to playlists. It’s home to the largest community of independent curators digging for music. Traditionally, these playlisters–a term coined by SongTools–sifted through thousands of track submissions via email. Preventing good music from getting buried in overflowing inboxes, Playlister.Club algorithmically connects curators with tracks from up-and-coming artists that match their playlists and music tastes. As of today, Playlister.Club has helped over 60 thousand artists place over 1.4 million tracks on thousands of playlists – introducing their music to new, global audiences.

A musician and audiophile since childhood, SongTools CEO Danny Garcia started a music blog that racked up thousands of monthly users at just 16 years old. While studying music business at NYU, Danny ran marketing campaigns for early-stage artists. Through this work, he identified a major gap between the amount of money indie artists put toward marketing and the actual return on their investment–sometimes spending $500 or more on digital promotions that weren’t effective. Determined to find a better way for artists to expand their reach, Danny built an automated playlisting & ad solution that ran campaigns for a fraction of the cost.

Co-founder Gonzalo Mahou Ussia was running Manta Ray Music, a global artist management firm out of Berlin and London when he found themselves at a crossroads in 2019–dealing with the unfamiliar new world of third-party playlisting. Combining his Artist Development expertise with Danny’s deep knowledge of digital promotions and the independent playlisting space, SongTools was born. 

SongTools has since expanded its services to become an all-in-one kit for launching new music, including SEO-optimized blogs and responsive landing pages for artists. 

“Music production tools have been democratized to empower more people to create,” says Gonzalo Mahou Ussia, Head of Business Development at SongTools. “SongFly tackles the critical next step–supplying artists with democratized marketing tools to break through the noise and reach their fans.”

About SongTools

An all-in-one toolkit to launch new music, SongTools gives indie artists, managers, and labels access to

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