SLUSH 2023: Doublepoint Technologies Unveils World’s Most Advanced Wristband Controller with Continuous Touch-Based Gesture Tracking

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARVRDoublepoint Technologies, a Finnish startup, made a groundbreaking announcement today at SLUSH 2023, revealing their latest innovation – the world’s most advanced wristband controller. This cutting-edge device features continuous touch-based gesture tracking, revolutionizing human-computer interaction and opening up new possibilities for augmented and virtual reality, wearables, and the Internet of Things.

The CEO of Doublepoint Technologies, Ohto Pentikäinen, and Vice President of Product, Thomas Joseph, took the main stage at SLUSH 2023 to introduce this game-changing technology. The wristband controller was meticulously designed to harness the full potential of wrist-based user control, utilizing a revolutionary AI-based algorithm that seamlessly combines touch and gesture.

“We are thrilled to elevate human-computer interaction to new heights by creating a wristband controller and touch-based gesture tracking algorithm that offer a natural and powerful user experience,” said Pentikäinen. “Our technology eliminates the need for clunky hardware as it can be integrated with existing wearables and paves the way for a ‘universal controller’ that can be activated with a simple gesture.”

New Standard for Gesture Tracking

The Doublepoint algorithm sets a new standard for precision and accuracy in continuous gesture tracking. Remarkably, it achieves this level of performance with just a single IMU and heartrate sensor, eliminating the need for additional hardware or a camera. The algorithm is adaptable to various wrist-based controllers and will be made readily available to developers through a new hardware reference design.

This breakthrough technology marks the beginning of a new era in continuous gesture tracking, surpassing the limitations of single-event gestures. Developers can seamlessly integrate the Doublepoint algorithm into any wrist-worn wearable, enabling a new generation of products in wearables, XR, IoT, and beyond. Doublepoint aims to facilitate this integration by providing customers with access to a hardware reference design, with the ultimate goal of licensing the technology to mass-market hardware manufacturers.

How it Works

Doublepoint’s algorithm is touch-detecting.

  • When the user’s fingers come into contact with each other or another object, it creates impulses that propagate through the hand and can be observed as subtle vibrations in a sensor on the wristband.
  • The measurements of subtle vibrations and tendon movements at the user’s wrist are then digested by the Doublepoint algorithm to determine the touch state and to perform gesture tracking – making wrist-based devices extremely precise and able to detect continuous movements.
  • Doublepoint’s wristband has the necessary sensors to capture the needed signals and the compute to run its custom algorithm. It, therefore, can provide clear gesture-based commands to the host device, such as an AR headset.

Revolutionizing Touch-gesture Controls

“By making our algorithm widely accessible to developers and product manufacturers, who can effortlessly integrate it into any wrist-worn wearable, end-users will experience highly precise and continuous touch-based interaction,” said Joseph. “This truly revolutionizes wrist-gesture controls.”

Doublepoint Technologies will be opening pre-orders for its Doublepoint Kit at Unveiled Las Vegas on Jan. 7. Attendees will also have the opportunity to try out the Doublepoint Controller at the company’s booth #60637 in Eureka Park, Venetian Expo, Hall G, from Jan. 9-12.

About Doublepoint Technologies

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Doublepoint Technologies is a privately held wearable-tech startup. Led by a team of highly experienced tech experts, the company is dedicated to building interactions for next-generation interfaces. Their powerful AI-based algorithm enables touch-based continuous gesture tracking with unparalleled precision and accuracy, using only a single IMU. The algorithm is adaptable to various wearables and will be readily available to developers. For more information, visit and follow @Doublepointlab on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


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