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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For creative team managers that need to improve team productivity, increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs are the two major factors required to meet business targets consistently. This continued optimization is especially vital in the current post-pandemic climate with the threat of a global recession.

Inefficient systems can lead to substantial business losses

What does this inefficient system cost? Imagine it takes approximately two months to create a character in the game, and the average character production cost is about $400$800 daily. The cost of losing one file costs around $20,000 – $40,000!

The Solution

Upgrade your tool set with sharper tools

Share Creators Blueberry Digital Asset Management Software is ideal for organizations, teams, and even individual freelancers working remotely or in the same location. 

Blueberry is effectively a “Google for your enterprise,” helping you efficiently back up, search, reuse, and version-control all your files, previous historical resources, and documents.

1.  Quickly retrieve relevant files with AI-powered search

Blueberry has industry-leading AI recognition capabilities, which intelligently indexes and organizes resource files for easy retrieval when needed. The powerful AI feature even recognizes and retrieves unnamed files that users may have accidentally saved without naming.

Blueberry also offers a variety of search methods, allowing users to search by color, name, label, file type, file size, vertical and horizontal composition, upload time, and other attributes. These powerful search capabilities are not limited to internal files but also external system files such as URLs and files saved in Google Drive.

2.  Online high-speed preview of over 100 resource formats

Blueberry supports over 100 resource formats for high-speed online previews, including 2D images, 3D FBX/OBJ, 2D-spine animation, video, audio, PPT, word, and hundreds of other files.

In addition, Blueberry enables users to review and share comments directly within file resources. Users can pause a 3D model video frame to annotate and add feedback within that frame only.

3.  Improves security for outsourced teams with Guest mode

Blueberry’s interface enables users to easily select and share a single file or the contents of an entire folder with team members.  In “guest mode,” users can conveniently collaborate with external partners, sharing resources while maintaining high security on digital assets with transparent progress management through audits.

4.  Access your entire workflow in one panel

Blueberry DAM also integrates well with upstream production tools such as Photoshop and Adobe After Effects and game engines such as Unity and Unreal. It also supports downstream production tools such as SVN and Perforce code control.

5.  Easy collection creation with one click

Blueberry’s powerful one-click resource collection function solves the problem of resource collection for designers. By clicking “Batch collection” and checking the relevant images on the web page, selected images are automatically stored in a personal Blueberry folder for future use.

6.  Minimize asset loss with real-time resource synchronization

Blueberry minimizes the risk of asset loss by synchronizing local resources to the server in real time while preserving permission management. With real-time file syncing, users can easily collaborate remoter or on the move with the assurance that they are constantly handling current file versions. 

Blueberry offers several versions for groups of different sizes:

  • Small teams get access to what they need for their teams
  • Large businesses get an enterprise version with no limit on the number of users.

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