Rob Albritton Promoted to Vice President of Octo’s AI Center of Excellence

As VP, Albritton will use his extensive background in AI and the U.S. military to continue driving innovation within Octo’s R&D hub oLabs™ forward.

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Senior Director of the AI Center of Excellence at Octo’s oLabs™ R&D innovation facility, has been promoted to Vice President. In his new role, Albritton, an award-winning AI and machine learning (ML) authority, will continue to shape Octo’s AI capability, strategy, and vision.

Albritton was instrumental in launching oLabs and developing it as a center for government AI innovation. “I am honored to serve Octo in this new capacity,” said Albritton. “With the recent opening of our multi-million dollar oLabs innovation center, Octo planted a flag. We’ve built government contracting’s most robust, mission-focused AI and emerging technology facility and we staffed it with world-class talent. Our message to our customers is clear: bring us your toughest technological challenges. We have the resources and talent to solve them with you.”

oLabs is a 15,000 square foot innovation hub featuring 20 petaflops of AI compute, three petabytes of flash storage arrays, an autonomous systems development lab, a close quarters battle and augmented reality lab, and more than 50 staff members with roots in companies like Bosch and Microsoft, as well as U.S. military special mission units. Albritton has worked to help oLabs garner investment and equipment from some of the world’s largest providers of IT computing power including NVIDIA, Dell, AWS, and others. oLabs’ innovations include a suite of open source products that provide 360° situational awareness at the tactical edge, a user-friendly AI-powered MLOps tool that automates the process of updating ML model for warfighters on the battlefield, and other solutions powered by emerging technologies.

With recent AI contract wins at the DoD Joint AI Center, U.S. Army PEO Soldier, and the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, Albritton and Octo’s oLabs team have established Octo as a trustworthy AI solutions provider to the DoD. In his VP capacity, Rob will grow Octo’s AI practice and solutions across its entire portfolio of customers including the U.S. Intelligence Community, health care, and GSA.

We are thrilled to have Rob represent Octo in this new capacity,” said Sujey Edward, Octo’s Chief Technology Officer. “Rob came to Octo and oLabs saying this is where he wanted to conduct his life’s work, and he is doing just that. With his help, oLabs made a giant leap forward in bringing to the East Coast the level of innovation previously thought of as only coming from Silicon Valley, the kind of innovation that enables our customers to jump the technology curve and not just solve today’s problems, but be prepared to solve tomorrow’s as well. Rob’s vision, creativity, and drive have made oLabs the foremost R&D facility where Federal Government customers and industry can come together to find solutions for the world’s most complex problems which can only be solved by the kind of next generation technology oLabs is developing. You can’t call yourself a modernization company without a space like this.”

Before joining Octo, Albritton served as a U.S. Army Geospatial Research Lab Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at MITRE and spent several years growing NVIDIA’s public sector team alongside thought leaders on high-performance computing, AI, and deep learning. He has received several prestigious awards, including the U.S. Army ERDC Award for Achievement in Technology Transfer; Counter Improvised Explosive Device Technology and the Department the Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service; and an award for Support to U.S. Special Operations Command and Joint Personnel Recovery Agency.

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