Revolutionary Video Conferencing Service Beacon® Tops 320,000 Subscribers Worldwide in First Four Weeks

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#angelmunoz–Beacon®, a revolutionary audiovisual communications platform that launched on July 8, 2021, announced today it has surpassed 320,000 worldwide accounts for its BeaconX video conferencing service. Beacon’s state-of-the-art encryption safeguards communication, ensures confidentiality and privacy, and offers a significantly enhanced user experience by leveraging foundational elements of the multi-billion-dollar videogame industry.

Dallas-based Mass Luminosity, a global technology, research and development company, began working on Beacon six years ago with three core principles: security, quality and simplicity. Widely recognized as the originator of modern esports, Founder and CEO Angel Munoz and his global team designed Beacon to augment natural interaction through exceptional video and voice communication with the goal of restoring natural communication and empowering people through technology.

“In its first month, Beacon has already exceeded our expectations. This dramatic adoption rate proves that users truly value their security and privacy and are tired of being spied on and having their personal information misappropriated,” Munoz said. “In light of the recent 85-million-dollar court sanction against Zoom, consumers are becoming aware of these dangers and demanding safer experiences.” Users are hailing Beacon, commenting that the service “transcends the current field of communication,” and to “forget Zoom and Facetime, this is the go-to app for you.”

Based on the same augmented reality seen in video games, Beacon pushes technology to the max making users feel as though they are in the same room with another person, getting them as close to a real experience as possible, all while staying safe and secure.

Aiming to integrate technology in ways never seen before, Munoz added: “Later this month, Beacon will be filing for another patent for the convergence of two proprietary technologies that will push BeaconX far above its competitors and make it simpler and much cooler to use.”

Beacon offers instant connection and reconnection, Ultra HD video, 3D binaural audio, widescreen aspect ratio, higher resolution and frames per second, color saturation, a plethora of interactive tools, and a patented transfer technology that rivals competitors with its two-second connect speed. It is simple to use with just one click in a web browser, making it accessible to everyone from students to CEOs. Even more unique is Beacon’s ability to instantly translate in up to 82 languages.

Available now is BeaconX, which allows unlimited free conferencing for up to six users. Additional plans rolling out this fall include: Beacon PLUS, a premium version for up to 30 users at $4.95/month, and Beacon MAX, which will allow up to 100 users for $14.95/month. For more information, visit

About Mass Luminosity

Beacon Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mass Luminosity, which was launched in 2011 as a global research, development and technology company seamlessly integrating people into augmented environments. Mass Luminosity is known for its gaming social network, GTribe, with over five million members. Mass Luminosity is led by its founder and CEO, Angel Munoz, who joined the videogame industry in 1995 after a career in investment banking. Munoz spearheaded the global esports industry by launching the world’s first professional league for video gamers. For more information, visit


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