Otero Menswear Partners With Perfitly to Bring Virtual Fitting Room Technology to the Forefront of Its New Website

Perfitly offers Otero Menswear customers the ability to find the perfect fit on garments as both companies make strides in harnessing AI powered technology in e-commerce

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfitly, a virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) and AI powered virtual fitting room solution that is being integrated into the e-commerce platforms of the nation’s leading retailers, today announces its partnership with Otero Menswear, a men’s fashion lifestyle apparel brand catering to men with heights between 5’4” – 5’10”. The partnership follows Otero’s new website launch which utilizes Perfitly’s ability to provide exceptional accuracy in garment selection.

As a result of the partnership, Otero’s website is centered around Perfitly’s virtual fitting and tailored size recommendation capabilities. Once on the homepage, users select their height, body type, body shape, pant waist size and length. From there, Perfitly powers and presents a personalized virtual avatar based on the user’s measurements. Users can then select from a range of polos and T-shirts which are displayed on the personalized avatar.

“Perfitly’s virtual fitting process is centered on a seamless user experience as the key differentiator between ourselves and other targeted e-commerce apparel brands,” said Steve Villanueva, CEO and Founder of Otero. “Our goal at Otero is to provide shorter men with stylish apparel and the ‘Otero Perfect Fit.’ Our attention to detail and enthusiasm is mirrored in Perfitly’s dedication to harnessing first-rate technology to provide each shopper with an unparalleled and personalized experience. Perfitly technology has helped Otero achieve unprecedented low return rates (3% compared to the industry standard of 30% for males) and high levels of customer satisfaction via the Otero Perfect Fit Journey.”

Otero uses a 3-dimensional design based on height, size, and body type and has found that 93% of men have two different body types, each requiring a unique fit. Incorporating this with the ability to create a personalized avatar, Perfitly enables a user to “try-on” a shirt and see a 360 degree rendering of their perfect fit before purchase, removing the guesswork and risk of purchasing online. Perfitly’s virtual fitting solutions outlined in this partnership are helping to drive reduced returns and increased efficiency in supply and operations.

“Working with the Otero team has been extremely rewarding because we’re both aligned on providing customers with an effortless and accurate garment selection process as e-commerce continues to accelerate after the pandemic,” said Kash Vyas, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at Perfitly. “We’re happy to see Perfitly’s personalized avatars and virtual fitting technology working so well on Otero’s website, and we look forward to a lasting partnership as Otero gains even more traction in targeted men’s apparel.”

In addition to providing enjoyable user experiences and cost-effective business solutions, Perfitly’s technology aligns with Otero’s sustainability goals. Both companies recognize the value in reducing returns, which in turn cuts down on resources dedicated to supply and fulfillment operations. Moving forward, Perfitly and Otero plan to work in tandem as their sustainability, retail, and e-commerce goals continue to complement one another.

To learn more about Perfitly, please visit https://www.perfitly.com and for more information on Otero visit https://oteromenswear.com.

About Perfitly:

Perfitly is a virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) and AI powered virtual fitting room solution that is being integrated into the e-commerce platforms of the nation’s leading retailers. Perfitly’s cutting-edge size recommendation and visualization platform serves fashion brands and works to help increase sales and conversion and reduce returns, while enhancing sustainability. Perfitly enables shoppers to try on clothes, find their perfect fit and look, and purchase with confidence – all from the comfort of their homes. To learn more, please visit: https://www.perfitly.com/.

About Otero Menswear:

Founded in 2018 in Boulder, CO by Steve Villanueva and Brett Lawrence, Otero Menswear is a men’s fashion lifestyle apparel brand. Otero Menswear seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering apparel that fits the height, size, and body type of the shorter man who is 5’4” – 5’10”. The clothing is fashion forward and professional. Each piece is designed using texture, cut, styling and findings that empower the wearer’s specific body type through visibly leaning and lengthening techniques. Otero is redefining the measure of a man. OTERO MENSWEAR can be found at https://oteromenswear.com/.


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