Retreat receives $400k from Meta Immersive Learning Fund, prepares for December 1st launch on MetaQuest store

The first virtual reality app that teaches how to improve life and wellness, Retreat additionally selected as finalist at the 6th International VR Awards

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retreat, the first virtual reality app that teaches how to improve life and overall wellness, is proud to announce that they have received a prestigious Immersive Learning Fund grant from Meta, the ubiquitous social platform that revolutionized the way people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. The grant, valued at $400,000, will accompany the launch of the Retreat app on the MetaQuest store, taking place on December 1, 2022.

As Meta moves beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to build the next evolution in social technology, they are helping to develop the next generation of Metaverse creators like Retreat, funding high-quality immersive experiences that transform the way we learn and increase access to learning through technology.

The Retreat app was additionally selected by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) steering board as a finalist in the “Rising VR Company of the Year” category. The finalists will be recognized at the International VR Awards during Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam this December.

Retreat is set to transform education and further prove the effectiveness of immersive learning in virtual reality environments. It is the first virtual reality app from GeniusX, a technology company bringing innovation to personal growth and development.

According to the AIXR steering board: “Without new startups creating innovative solutions and driving forward ambition within the industry, virtual reality would not be where it is today.” The Rising VR Company of the Year category was designed to highlight small businesses with proven business models as VR startup of the year.

“We are thrilled to receive this significant Meta Immersive Learning Fund grant and launch the Retreat app on the MetaQuest store,” said Nick Janicki, CEO of Retreat. “We are also excited to be named as a finalist in the ‘Rising VR Company of the Year’ category at the International VR Awards. Both of these honors are a direct result of the work that our entire team has put into developing Retreat. We’re proud to be on the forefront of driving innovation in how education is experienced in the immersive space. The timing couldn’t be better.”

Now in its 6th year, the VR Awards is an annual red-carpet celebration of groundbreaking immersive technologies. Hosted by the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), the VR Awards bring together market leaders such as Google, Oculus, HTC, Valve, and new companies, like Retreat’s development studio GeniusX, that are driving innovation in the industry.

Operating on a nomination-judge system, each candidate of a VR Award is handpicked by community members and judged by a panel of over 70 industry leading creatives. In addition to being nominated by fans, each candidate selected goes through an extensive screening and review process to ensure high-quality relevance and ingenuity.

Retreat immerses users in masterfully designed virtual worlds, where they can browse and select courses focused on self-improvement and personal development. The app highlights the instructors, the story behind the inspiration for the course, and outlines the learning process for each one of the courses in a new and exciting way.

“Research shows that students in VR are four times more focused than their peers in a traditional classroom environment,” added Janicki. “The potential for immersive technology to transform education is huge, and we are excited to be on the forefront.”

Retreat’s Co-Founder, Lyle Maxson, will represent the company at Immersive Tech Week and the International VR Awards in Rotterdam this December. “I’m looking forward to introducing Retreat to the global leaders of the VR space and celebrating innovation with winners and finalists. Outside of the internal goals within our company, we aim to inspire developers and creators to build meaningful content while immersive tech is in its infancy. Being ranked among finalists highlights our example of what’s possible in the hopes that others will step in to build content that further uplifts humanity.”

Retreat brings custom curated content to learn tangible real-world skills by offering a wide variety of courses from Art & Creativity, Career & Entrepreneurship, Financial Well Being to Holistic Wellness, Mindset and Relationships through an innovative, technology-forward virtual reality system.

Some of the more popular courses include: True Well Being by Nicholas Pratley, Discover Your Purpose by Evan Carmichael, Therapour Mannequins by Leila Parnian, How To Write And Publish Your Story by Kary Oberbrunner, SuperHuman course by Modern Nirvana (Kat Graham, Frank Elaridi, and Bryant Wood), and Dr. Michael Breus on Better Sleep.

A preview of Retreat virtual world in the Metaverse can be experienced at: Retreat Trailer. For more information and download availability please visit our website:

About Retreat:

Retreat is the first virtual reality app that immerses users in courses that improve life and overall wellness. Available on the MetaQuest Store beginning December 1st, 2022, Retreat is revolutionizing education through a fully immersive VR approach and a growing catalog of personal growth and development courses.

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