Reimagining the Corporate Workplace Through Spatial Computing

Sightful Brings Spacetop to Fortune 500 with Tailored Enterprise Program

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sightful™ announced today the launch of a new enterprise program to accelerate the adoption of spatial computing by the Fortune 500. The program, called the Enterprise Seeding Program (ESP), is designed to support large enterprise organizations in reimagining the hybrid office and meeting the challenges of a “work from anywhere” workforce.

The Enterprise Seeding Program provides access to an all-new category of hardware and software in the form of Spacetop, the world’s first Augmented Reality laptop. Participants in the ESP will receive dedicated support and IT customization to implement spatial computing solutions that meet businesses’ needs with dramatically reduced cost and time to deployment.

The core premise is to improve worker productivity and satisfaction through an immersive, fully customizable, and completely private 100” digital workspace that travels with them, whether they are in the office, at home, or in transit on a plane. Department heads, IT directors, workplace strategists, and heads of technical innovation can outfit teams or departments with Spacetop. Sightful support will design custom testing programs to evaluate the performance and productivity of spatial computing compared to traditional laptops.

“Enterprises of every size are investing tremendous resources to maintain employee engagement, productivity, and collaborative creativity while dramatically reducing their physical office environments,” said Tamir Berliner, Co-founder and CEO of Sightful. “Spacetop was built for this moment: allowing employees to design their own customized digital workspace that makes them most productive, and be able to carry that space with them everywhere.”

Berliner continued: “Our Enterprise Program gives employers a huge advantage over their competitors – partnering with a company that has already invested thousands of hours testing and proving out a solution focused on daily utility and increased productivity, packing the innovative power of Augmented Reality into the familiar form factor of a laptop.”

The move towards “work from anywhere” removes one of the key benefits of dedicated desks: multiple monitors. Research shows having additional screen real estate can increase productivity by 60% or more1. In just the last 12 months, global enterprise leaders including AT&T, Microsoft, Intel, and United Health announced significant reductions in their physical office spaces, with most abandoning headquarters that once housed tens of thousands of employees. AT&T for example, “the largest US telecommunications company, which has operations in all 50 states, will consolidate into only nine core offices with two main hubs in Dallas and Atlanta.”2

Similarly, companies like Meta are leading a global trend of “hoteling” their office space, subleasing out portions of their footprint to other companies, and transitioning away from dedicated desks in favor of hot-desking. According to Phil Mobley, the National Director of Office Analytics at CoStar Group, sublease availability has risen over 100% since 2019 and there are over 250 million square feet of office space currently available for sublease.3

Fortune 500 companies who join the Enterprise Seeding Program will benefit from a carefully staged and customized plan, built from extensive research completed by the Sightful team over the course of three years. The program is tailored to customers’ needs and includes extensive on-site training, as well as product, technical, and business support in order to help customers uncover value, build cost savings plans, and become a navigator in the global trend towards spatial computing.

Sightful User Research and Testing

Sightful designs custom testing and evaluation methodologies to measure Spacetop’s performance within Fortune 500 business units and teams to prove the benefits of spatial computing.

Sightful’s internal studies are performed by the UXR team, and include user research and testing to compare spatial computing against traditional laptops. Sightful-sponsored external research studies productivity from basic performance to creative problem solving. An external academic study is in progress by Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Augmented Perception Lab, led by Prof. David Lindlbauer.

Customers also receive support in evaluating performance and productivity in comparison to traditional laptops. Some of the tasks evaluated include efficiency measurement using Spacetop for work-related everyday tasks such as information gathering, document creation, version comparison, and collaboration. Other tasks evaluated under the Enterprise Program are those requiring multiple apps such as web searches, editing slides, reviewing email, document editing, and spreadsheet manipulation.

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About Sightful

Sightful, creators of Spacetop, the world’s first Augmented Reality laptop, is a product company dedicated to transforming the world around us for the work from anywhere movement. Founded by spatial computing veterans Tamir Berliner (cofounder at PrimeSense, acquired by Apple, Magic Leap), and Tomer Kahan (executive at Broadcom, N-trig, acquired by Microsoft). Sightful brings together a rapidly growing team of 60+ employees with expertise in product management, UX/UI, core software, cloud, applications, marketing, computer vision, systems, and design. Sightful investors include Corner Ventures, Aleph, and more. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with teams in Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and Singapore.


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