Pixee Medical Announces the Commercial Launch of Knee+ in the USA

The first augmented reality (AR) guidance system for total knee arthroplasty will be launched in the USA at the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting on March 22-26 in Chicago.

BESANÇON, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pixee Medical, a pioneer in augmented surgical guidance technology, has announced that its Knee+ AR computer-assisted orthopedic solution is going to be commercially available in the USA with a perfect fit for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) need.

Knee+ is a patented platform designed to help orthopedic surgeons perform surgery through the real-time 3D positioning of instruments, right in their field of view. Knee+ is intuitive andconsists of proprietary software using a unique proprietary tracking system running on off-the-shelf smart glasses, with no bulky capital equipment or disposables required.

Video Link: https://bit.ly/3wjjdn3

This solution was launched commercially in January 2021 in Europe and Australia. In the challenging COVID context, without any commercial promotion, the product was quickly adopted, with more than 100 systems sold thanks to an easy-to-use and scalable solution.

“Since our first surgery in the USA in Boston in October 2021, we have organized a successful round of surgeries on multiple clinical sites across the USA. We are now ready and confident to launch the product in the leading worldwide market for orthopedics” states Sébastien Henry, Founder and CEO of Pixee Medical. “Our solution is the only imageless & open platform for total knee surgery available in the US.”

“We will be at the AAOS Meeting to meet with surgeons and finalize the organization of our distribution channel.”

Pixee will soon be adding new features to its Knee+ platform, with soft tissue balancing, kinematic alignment and data connectivity. It will also be expanding its portfolio with a mixed reality product for total shoulder arthroplasty and with an easy-to-use cup orientation and leg length controlling AR tool for total hip arthroplasty. Knee+ is now compatible with surgical hoods.

About Pixee Medical

Pixee Medical’s ambitions are to maintain its leading position in AR guidance for joint replacement and to empower all orthopedic surgeons, through the latest breakthroughs in technology, to become augmented & connected surgeons. Pixee Medical developed its surgeon-centric platform with the belief that all surgeons deserve intuitive tools to augment their knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries without facing hurdles in terms of capital equipment, disposables, changing techniques, training, additional staff or longer procedure times.

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Sébastien Henry
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