Phantom Auto Acquires Voysys AB to Bolster Video Streaming Capabilities and Fuel Growth

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Phantom Auto, the leading provider of remote operation software, has acquired Voysys AB to accelerate adoption of Phantom’s award-winning remote operation platform. Phantom’s acquisition of the best-in-class video communication technology provider catalyzes its commercialization efforts to continue to provide top-tier customers in the logistics sector with human-centric technology, to combat the decades-long labor shortage.

Following the acquisition, Phantom will expand its capacity to service rapidly-growing customer demand for remotely operated forklifts, in addition to supporting deployments in the unmanned yard truck and delivery robot segments. By combining Voysys’s unrivaled video streaming capabilities into its remote operation platform, Phantom’s customers have achieved further reductions in streaming latency, as well as improvements in video quality and stability — especially in volatile network conditions.

“When you look at all of the key operating metrics for delivering reliable, seamless remote operation technology, the question keeps coming back to how one can ensure ultra-low latency in highly variable network conditions. Joining forces with Voysys, and integrating their IP into our technology stack, strengthens our core technology for our customers so that they can continue to easily move goods around the clock, from anywhere in the world,” says Shai Magzimof, Co-founder and CEO at Phantom Auto.

Based in Sweden, Voysys has spent the last decade focusing specifically on ultra-low latency and multi-link video streaming across unstable networks. The result is a differentiated video-streaming software solution that increases video performance and improves glass-to-glass latency, while concurrently reducing bandwidth consumption and disconnects. The team at Voysys has already demonstrated technology maturity, providing some of the world’s largest forklift, automotive, and construction equipment manufacturers with network agnostic, ultra-secure video communication technology solutions.

Magnus Persson, Voysys Co-founder and CEO, stated:

“We are excited to join the Phantom team because we have seen firsthand that they are poised for rapid growth in the supply chain industry. The company has emerged as the world leader in end-to-end remote operation solutions, having achieved alignment with key stakeholders including OEMs, multinational customers, and strategic investors. We have developed software for the video streaming pipeline which has proven to be best-in-class when it comes to streaming latency. Combining our world class technologies will unlock immense value for logistics operators around the world.”

Phantom and Voysys are joining forces as massive investments in unmanned vehicles, 5G infrastructure, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and electrification are driving a transformational shift in the global supply chain. The combined teams are also working to develop cutting-edge video streaming solutions that enable low-latency 3D rendering in augmented/virtual reality, as well as localization solutions that improve a vehicle operator’s ability to navigate in dynamic environments from remote locations. Over the past months, the companies have merged their respective technologies, enabling Phantom to further expand its business outside of North America and into adjacent market segments.

Elliot Katz, Phantom’s Co-founder and Chief Business Officer stated:

“Like the consolidation that has been taking place in the autonomous vehicle space, there is also consolidation beginning in the remote operation space. And that is a great thing for end-users of remote operation technology, because the resulting companies and their offerings become even stronger combined. Us acquiring Voysys is a perfect illustration of that.”

About Phantom Auto

Phantom Auto specializes in remote operation of all logistics vehicles. Phantom’s human-centric interoperable solutions enable people to remotely supervise, assist, and drive vehicle fleets from up to thousands of miles away – including forklifts, robots, trucks, and more. By decoupling labor from location, the company increases labor access and retention, safety, productivity, and resilience across the supply chain. With Phantom, supply chain operators can tap into drivers from anywhere — connecting people who want to work with jobs that need to be filled. The company’s proprietary software delivers secure, low-latency communication over volatile wireless networks for reliable sensor streaming and safe vehicle control. For more information about Phantom, visit


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