Perfect Corp. Sparks Wave of Experimentation across Men’s Grooming Industry with AI Beard Dye and Beard Style Technology

Leading beauty tech solutions provider introduces advanced AI & AR- powered virtual try-on technology for beard color and beard style, as well as hyper-realistic smart beard removal.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, today announced its expansion into the men’s grooming space with the introduction of its innovative AI Beard Dye & Beard Style technology. This expansion marks a pivotal moment for Perfect Corp. as its award-winning AI and AR technology continues to drive influence and impact across the beauty and fashion industries. The new technology solution will allow men’s grooming brands to enhance their in-store and online shopping experiences with hyper-realistic virtual try-on capabilities.

AI Tech Provides Beard Dye and Style Virtual Try-On, Paired with Hyper-Realistic Simulated Beard Removal for Men’s Grooming Brands

Perfect Corp.’s AI Beard Dye and Beard Style technology is the first of its kind to enable true-to-life virtual try-on results for beard color, beard style, and beard removal. With Perfect Corp.’s highly sophisticated beard and mustache color try-on technology, customers can virtually experiment with a range of different beard colors to find their perfect look. The technology also provides beard style virtual try-on capabilities, allowing customers to try-on fifteen AI-powered facial hair styles, including full beard, trim beard, stubble beard, soul patch, mustache, goatee, and more. Shoppers can also see before and after images side by side, without the need to commit to putting a razor to the skin.

In addition to beard color and style simulations, the technology features an advanced beard removal feature. With the innovative beard removal feature, advanced AI algorithms digitally reconstruct areas of the face covered with facial hair, including cheeks and jawline, with highly accurate simulations, giving consumers true-to-life clean-shaven emulations.

Increasing Customer Engagement and Purchasing Confidence with Virtual Try-On Technology

Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR-powered virtual try-on technologies have helped over 350 top brands increase customer engagement and sales conversion. The introduction of AI Beard Dye and Beard Style virtual try-on technology marks a game-changing moment for the men’s grooming industry as brands can now integrate these technologies into their D2C shopping platforms, improving their omnichannel strategy and connecting with consumers in exciting new ways. The technology will allow men’s grooming brands to offer an ultra-personalized shopping experience while empowering customers to feel comfortable in their own skin and experiment with different beard colors and beard styles until they find the look that’s right for them. These experiences will also allow customers to feel more confident about their purchasing decisions before committing to a specific new beard look.

Driving Expansion and Innovation across Industries with Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR Technology

“We are excited to expand into the men’s grooming space with the introduction of our innovative AI Beard Dye and Beard Style solution.”, says Perfect Corp. founder and CEO Alice Chang, “Perfect Corp.’s AI Beard Dye and Beard Style Technology provides men’s grooming brands with a dynamic solution to drive product discovery, increase customer engagement, and boost purchasing confidence. Men’s grooming customers are turning to digital channels for product advice and inspiration more than ever before. We look forward to helping men’s grooming brands enhance their direct to consumer shopping experiences with the power of AI.”

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